‘Nollywood has touched many African-Americans

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‘Nollywood has touched many African-Americans’
Friday, August 11, 2006

The Nigerian movie industry is daily attracting foreigners with good record in the world entertainment industry to the country.
Ranked third in the movie world, the Nigerian film industry, otherwise called Nollywood is now a Mecca of sorts as foreigners troop in almost on monthly basis to make enquiries about the happenings in the sector.

In fact, some of the foreigners are scholars and researchers who need relevant materials for their theses in chromatography or related disciplines.

Elizabeth Gabriel, a doctoral student from Columbia University, New York arrived Nigeria a few weeks ago to conduct her research on Nollywood for her thesis in Anthopology.

According to the 27-yr-old American, she is attracted to the audience and the sales marketing part of the business in Nollywood, and that Nollywood has really touched many African Americans in the US.
Asked what her impression of Nigeia is, Gabriel said she is enjoying every bit of her stay including the frequent power outage which to her is romantic and gives her opportunity to "always have candle light dinners."

On the popularity of Nollywood in the US, she said "New Yorkers, Americans in general have no idea about Nollywood but they are starting now to know as there are many stores in New York for Nollywood movies."

Gabriel, who has fallen in love with top artistes like Genevie Nnaji, Ramsey Noah, Hanks Anuku, Stella Damasus on screen has devoted her time to watching Nigerian movies once a day.

To underscore her interest, Gabriel has commenced frequent visits to Idumota. She said she has since been making progress on her research but that it would be sad if Nigerian movies start to look like Hollywood movies because, according to her, "Hollywood model is not good except you want to make money from it which people do" and that "I am not a fan of Hollywood movies."
She, however, noted that the problem with Nollywood is that of distribution network which incidentally is a global problem that can be better off if Hollywood can be assisted in that aspect.

Gabriel, who started watching African films 16 years ago, gave kudos to Nollywood for doing away with the ritual stuff, adding that although the films are not technically sophisticated, the narratives are good.
Moreso, the American scholar told Daily Sun that she could end up marrying a Nigerian as she would enjoy herself till the end of August when she hopes to leave for the United States.



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If Nollywood can get into this market - African American - it is made in the US. AA are amongst the largest movie going group in the US. There must be a concerted effort by all of us lovers of Nollywood films to introduce the movies to this public.


Instead of saying she is looking for husband, the Mandigo type, she is busy talking Nollywood. Next! nonsense and black beans.


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niki said:
Instead of saying she is looking for husband, the Mandigo type, she is busy talking Nollywood. Next! nonsense and black beans.
is it bad to look for husband :fam14: the Mandigo type are the ones that can take care of you and your kids you wouldn't have to worry about 2nd , 3rd wife :)
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