‘Nollywood is unappealing' - Anthony Abuah

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WE HAVE all had those emails which describe an implausible series of events and plea for help to move millions of pounds out of a country and into your bank account.

If it sounds like it’s too good to be true, that’s because it’s probably is. In fact, it is likely to be fraudulent. Known as advanced fee fraud in England or criminal code 419 in Nigeria, a new film Woolwich Boys looks at the Nigerian crime scene in south east London.

In the film Wale (Stanley Chinoso) has recently arrived in the UK from Lagos and falls into a life of ‘419’ crime. Enjoying a period of financial wealth and women Wale soon realises that success comes at a price.

Filmmaker Anthony Abuah is the brainchild behind the film which follows the exploits of a Nigerian fraud gang based in south London. Abuah believes that his new film could become a Nigerian Goodfellas; in fact the writer believes that he can depict the true gritty underbelly of Nigerian fraud gangs, something that Nollywood will never be able to do.

“Nollywood wouldn’t do a crime film justice,” said the 27-year-old. “With respect to Nollywood the kind of people who watch it are people who are really traditional and live in Nigeria. But as a filmmaker and someone who appreciates film, Nollywood can be unappealing, and that’s why it would never appeal to a western audience.”

Growing up in seven countries during his childhood the filmmaker admitted that he has more of an affinity to western cinema, yet he believes that no one has yet captured the true essence of Nigerians abroad. With Woolwich Boys the director shows what life is really like for Nigerians living in London.

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If Nollywood is unappealing, i hope his target audience isn't the fan base it has created.
No mind am. Some of these folks who probably wouldn't have gone into movie-making without Nollywood's influence and inspiration just like knocking the place anyhow...
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