‘Nollywood needs encouragement, not criticism’ - Lillian Bach

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Screen ‘goddess’ and model Lillian Bach who is about to walk down the aisle says what the Nollywood needs is a push, not paragement. She spoke with FELIX OMOH-ASUN.​

Ex-Delta soap girl and ‘screen goddess’, Lillian Bach says the barrage of criticisms trailing Nollywood is uncalled for. She says the clamour for a ‘step up’ of professionalism in the nation’s film industry is unnessary. It will evolve eventually, she says. Lillian believes it is only a matter of time before the indusry stabilises. Once this happens, half-baked movies and shady characters that dominate the industry would cease. She noted that Nigerians were expecting too much from Nollywood forgetting that it is at its infancy.

“Rome was not built in a day. Everything has a process, Nollywood should be allowed its process. What we need now is encouragement and not criticism”, she declared. For the ever smiling fair skinned actress, she is heading for the altar to tie the nuptial knot before the year runs out.The Delta (soap) girl, 2000/2001, told The Comet that she was prepared to settle down once and for all with her long time heartthrob, adding that preparations were in top gear. Lillian whose face is one of the most regular in Nollywood declared it was time to call it quit with spinsterhood. “Very soon, before the end of the year you will not only eat my wedding cake, you will eat Malu (cow),” she said.

On the man with whom she is marching down the aisle with, she added “just wait and see. “My kind of man is Godfearing, romantic, hardworking, outgoing and honest.” Asked the physique, she said it does not matter to her, whether tall, short or fat. For the rising actress, whose mother is a Nigerian and father Polish, she came into limelight when she was crowned in 2000 as ‘Delta Soap face’ in a modelling competition organised by Orange Drugs to find a befitting face to advertise the soap.

Since then, Lillian has featured in a number of movies that she has lost count. She said this is because of the goodwill see enjoys in the industry. Aside her captivating beauty, the six feet, slim built actress noted that she puts energy into any role she is offered, major or minor.Any part I am asked to play. I always see it as challenge and I put everything into it to make sure I come out best. To me all roles are the same, it is the same challenging experience,” she remarked.

She continued: “You would have seen me in the movies but I try to cut down the number of roles I take. I have been able to gain the popularity I have now because I have done good movies.” “Movies are a product of the society from which they emanate. The contents are but a reflection of the society. Rituals which have become a common sight in most home videos are to correct the ills in the society. By portraying them through home movies people become aware of the fraudsters, their antics and how they operate. This gives insight into the work ability of ritualists’ mind, their life style, and how they spend money. This enlightens society to be careful and watch out for men with such characteristics.

Her memorable times come on daily basis. She said when fans come across her and express admiration for what she is doing in Nollywood, she regards such periods as memorable.“I have more than enough memorable times. Any time I leave Nigeria to shoot movies abroad, I always regard it as memorable. When I move around and fans come around to say they love my work, it brings down tears from my eyes. I used to think nobody knows me outside the shores. Anytime I step out of this country, the attention I get is always memorable. It is something I cherish so much,” she said.

Her happiest moments are when she has finished a job and her mind tells her she has done a good one, it takes her to a different level of excitement.
Giving tips on what it takes to be a model, Lillian who claimed she is often tensed up before a crowd, said it is not smooth skin or beauty alone that qualifies one.According to her, it takes candour, intelligence and sheer confidence in oneself to hit the top roof in modelling.When she started out in 1999, it was the confidence in her and the joy of being a model that kept her going. “There was no money when I started. It was the love of it that kept me going. Also, I had the confidence in myself and ability to deliver as my assets.”

She described herself as easy going, simple, God fearing and very shy.
How can someone who is always in public glare claim to be shy?
“Well that is my other side people do not know about,” she enthused.
On the speculations that she probably rose fast due to the ban last year placed on some actresses like Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde, among others for ethical reasons, she retorted, her voice rising, “Excuse me! I have heard that several times. But the truth is I did not rise because somebody was down. I have reached where I am today because of hardwork and dedication. I do not understand when people say if not for the ban I would not have been popular. I was known (as a model) before I came into the home movie industry. You know you cannot cover a shinning star.”

Lilian, who is easily turned off by ungodliness, noted that if today she decides to dump acting she would find her feet in interior decoration, fashion designing, even music because they are part of her aside modeling and acting. As the chief executive officer of Bachlian Global Services, she is already into business in top flight.She confessed she is still undecided of what course to read in the university because she was at the University of Lagos but could not continue because she did not like the course. So, with a secondary school certificate, she is prepared to hit the sky and conquer the world which she has done in modeling and the movie industry.

Source: Cometnewsonline.com
let us be the judge of your acting skills, you are right though, nollywood still has room to grow, but the criticism will only help everyone in the long run. The movies i have watched lately have bored me to migraine headache.


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I dontcare what any one saids but I like Lillian. I will watch a movie with her anyday than Sophia Tchidi Chikere or Chiege Alisigwe, and thats just my preference.

good luck with her endevours.

She and one of my best friends Vanessa Oni (half german, half nigerian) could pass for twins. Their mannerisms are even the same.


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I agree with what Newintexas said let us be the one to judge your acting skill Twice I saw you in house on the rock and I know your beauty has been a great asset in the choice made by producers. Your recent movies have been very impressive, life partner was good and I belong was also very good though not so recent. I know you are trying very hard and there is so much expectation . When I watched you in true romance your performance was not too good but over the years you have truly improved . You are unique in your own way and acting and I accept that. I wish you the best I heard you are getting married welcome to the club
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