‘Women, if you are not satisfied in bed, say so!’

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May Victor, co-founder of Two-gether for Ever Inc., a relationship outfit based in Houston Texas, USA is unhappy that women have substituted enjoying sex with their husbands with getting pleasures from sex toys.

As a Christian counsellor with 15 years experience, May Victor is devoted to laying the right foundation for sustainable relationships as well as helping couples enjoy the dividends of marriage as opposed to enduring marriage.

In a recent interview with Daily Sun, she shed more light on why many marriages are hitting the rocks. Excerpts: What secrets have kept your marriage for 20 years? The number one factor is the God factor.

The God factor refers to the place of God in your marriage. Every marriage needs a God and the bible as the most impartial referees. The next secret is the friendship factor, marry your friend and if for any reason you married a stranger or an enemy, make him or her your friend. We can never over emphasize the need to be friends with your spouse.

There is also the renewal factor. Take time out to renew, recreate, and refresh from the daily grind of life. Couples should have low-budget get-aways, picnics, date nights and take advantage of every opportunity to have fun.

Sex is a major issue in marriages, how often should couples evaluate their sex lives? Couples have to evaluate their sex life when there is no romance between them. Whenever you stop looking forward to being together, you need to check yourselves. Good sex is a function of the four intimacies of a relationship which includes emotional intimacy, spiritual intimacy, intellectual intimacy and social intimacy.

Every couple knows when sex is good and when sex is mechanical. If there are reasons for the lack of sex or absence of good romance in the house, then that problem should be summarily dealt with. If you are not satisfied, say so and insist on it. Women are probably the culprits here and the use of sex toys is not helping matters. Don’t say “I let him do his thing and I do mine later”. That is the most dangerous thing in a relationship.

‘Women, if you are not satisfied in bed, say so!’ | The Sun News
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