“How My Husband Proposed To Me”- Funke Akindele

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Nollywood glorified miss sunshine, actress Funke Akindele-Oloyede speaks with Genevieve Magazine on how her husband, Mr. Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede proposed, and how supportive he has been on her career. Funke Akindele and Almaroof met in 2007 but remained just friends until about eight months later. All that time she was playing hard to get and hardly gave him her time. But Almaroof was patient, always keeping in touch and regularly checking on her to know how she was doing. By 2011, they eventually started dating.

When finally proposed to, Funke wasn’t too surprised- being a writer used to suspense, twists and plots of romantic scenes. “Secondly, if you’re dating someone who plans to marry you, you would know,” she adds.
She still remembers every detail of Almaroof’s proposal: “I was on set filming in Abeokuta when he called to ask if we were done. I said ‘No’ and reminded him we were filming for five days and asked why he was suddenly asking and he said he just wanted to know.

Then he started asking for my exact location in Abeokuta because he wanted to send me something. I didn’t attach too much meaning to that and just gave him the address. “I called him just before I left for my hotel and he asked for its name. Later in the evening at the hotel, my PA lured me to the lobby saying a big fan had a gift for me. On getting there I saw my husband. He said he wanted to discuss some things with me and … with that, he brought out a ring and slipped it into my finger.”

Funke says she feels a deep sense of satisfaction because she married her friend; someone who makes her happy, and for her that is the most important thing. During our cover shoot, Almaroof showed some of the character that won Funke’s heart as he waited patiently for Funke, showing his support, till she was done even though the shoot went on till very late.

“We talk about everything. I can talk to him about my job. Since we became close in 2008, he has always encouraged me as far as my career goes. Sometimes when I want to turn down some roles because the money offered isn’t much, he encourages me to weigh other advantages like the calibre of the other actors I would be working with. He’s very supportive,” she says.
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