“I am Not Dating Yvonne Nelson”-Frank Rajah

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Speaking to Frank who is currently in Nigeria in a telephone interview, he debunked allegations of a relationship of a notable actress as well as making his views known on the movie the heart of men which he produced and directed.

“I own this movie, produced and directed it but Mr. Kwame Boadi and Abdul Salam have the American and Ghanaian rights respectively. Another person also has the Nigerian, South African and Asian rights but all in all the movie is mine” Frank Hinted.

His directing prowess and antics have made him the best in the country. Although he is a Nigerian, Frank Rajah Araze has given the Ghanaian movie industry a breath of life and something to smile about.

The heart of men movie has indeed generated all kinds of sentiments after its press preview from some quarters of the media and the general public who have watched it on a movie site due to its nudity and high level of violence. Frank had his own side of the story to share.

“ This movie says a lot about what the inner part of a human being goes through in search of any thing in the world. There is nothing like sex scenes but just a romantic scene. In fact they are practical things that happen in our world of today so Ghanaians should please not make a big fuss out of it. It is a simple movie and educates all and sundry in all walks of life” he stressed.

Mr. Araze who has directed lots of movies for production houses such as Venus films, A.A and Gupados brushed off a so called flirting with one of his workers Yvonne Nelson. “Hell no, why should people fabricate such a story?

Yvonne Has Not Said Anything Yet

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Yvonne and I are very close but not to such an extent and for Gods sake I have a wife and a daughter whom I love so much and wouldn`t dare do such a thing. Whoever is behind these rumours must bow his or head in shame. Yvonne relates to me just like Nadia, Jackie, Majid and John are to me. We are just good friends” Frank outlined.

Reacting to a possible ban of the movie by a censorship board and actors not being paid, Frank Yelled. “I don't think it will get to that extent. You have watched the movie, does it contain any extreme nudity? Of course not, they are just romantic scenes, nothing more nothing else. About the payment, everybody got what was due him or her so I would not agree if any one says I have given him or her peanuts.

The fees were arranged upon and there are no qualms or whatsoever about it” he said. Mr. Rajah is expected to touch down later this week for the premier of the heart of men movie at the Silver Bird Cinema on the 25th of September 2009 at 7pm. Rate is a cool Ghc.10 for all movie fans.

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