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“I don’t See Myself Working With Leila In The future” - Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu

Discussion in 'AFRICAN MOVIE STARS' started by nais, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. nais

    nais Member

    Nov 23, 2009
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    The Ghana entertainment industry was rocked with many controversies last year with one being the Obour-Obrafour-Okyeame Kwame saga. The other was the Leila -Akofa burst up. The latter could be on the lips of many because of the AMAA nominations.

    The burst up came when the director of the movie ‘I Sing Of A Well’ Leila Djansi regretted for using ace Ghanaian actress Akorfa Ejeani Asiedu as the lead character. Akorfa also produced the movie.Leila was reported to have said that, Akorfa deprived the movie of star power and that the movie needed somebody like Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku to compete with the market.

    Leila also stated emphatically that Akorfa forced herself on to play the lead character because she wanted to compete with the likes of Nadia Buari and Jackie Appiah who are the current screen goddess in Ghana.

    Though the burst up might have affected their relationship, the movie topped the nominations for the 2010 edition of the African Movie Academy Awards which was hosted in Ghana last week.

    ‘I Sing Of A Well’ leads the Ghanaian contingent to the awards ceremony to be held in Bayelsa State, Nigeria on April 10 with 11 nominations in the following category.

    ‘AMAA Achievement In Sound’, ‘AMAA Achievement In Art Direction’, ‘AMAA Achievement In Make-Up’, ‘AMAA Achievement In Costume’, ‘Best Screenplay’, ‘AMAA Achievement In Cinematography’, ‘Best Picture’.

    The rest are Godwin Kotey in the ‘Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role’. John Osei Tutu Agyeman is also nominated in the ‘Best Performance By An Actor In A Leading Role’.

    Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu was nominated in the ‘Best Performance By An Actress In A Leading Role’ and Leila Jewel Djansi in the ‘Best Director’ category.

    GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with Akorfa for a chit chat her and the excitement in her voice brought up intermittent break in her answers but she managed to praise Leila regardless of the burst up.

    Talking to GhanaCelebrities.com after the nomination night, Akorfa refuted the allegation by Leila that she wanted to be like Nadia Buari and Jackie Appiah. She is really humble by her nomination and happy for ‘I Sing Of A Well’. Below are excerpts of the interview

    GhanaCelebrities.com: Your movie made a lot of noise because of the burst up with Leila. So what do you think about your nomination?........

    source :Ghanacelebrities.com
  2. Angela81

    Angela81 Well-Known Member

    Jun 5, 2008
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    you beat me to it again nais!

    oh gosh, this is bad. My sister Akofa is a perfect strategist. she does know how to diss you under cover. ok now I am torn, whose side do I take? I want to stay on Leila's side because, hmm, she woman has connection, thats an arse I may just lick, but Akofa, I know way back... how do we play this game now?

    but its obvious she does want take all the credit which is just bad. how can you take a directors glory like this? at least acknowledge you got the 11 nominations because of what she created.

    lets see how this goes down. same thing Vivian Ejike did with silent scandal. oh. na wah o!!

    money and fame are the roots of all evil.
  3. Ricardo

    Ricardo I'm Favored by God !

    Mar 1, 2005
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    ..Angela caught in the Middle..... sounds like a Ghanaian movie title!
  4. Brooms

    Brooms A Pimp Called Slickback

    Jun 25, 2008
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    Angela if Leila and Akorfa are really your friends, I wonder what they think of some of the things you mention on this forum about them? Or are they not ware that you dey for hia?Some thangs you've said about them has raised my eyebrows more than once. Are you really a friend or a frenemy?:sign0164:
  5. nike007

    nike007 Well-Known Member

    Nov 22, 2008
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    Ah here we go again!
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