“The Champion Sportsman” - premiere in Berlin

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Folks, sorry but i am reporting rather late after the premier of "Champion Sportsman" yesterday in Berlin. As usual, i was there and was shocked that nobody else from NR was there to see the work of our own RUDEBOY! I actually saw somebody that i believed to be MKgirl.! Nada, it wasn't!
The place was packed with Europeans as it was advertised very well in the media here in Berlin as a collaborative work of German and Nigerian film makers. But hey, na Rudeboy get the movie through and through just had local helping hands who took care of logistics for the movie!! There is in truth, a huge inclusion of no names including University dramatic arts students from Braunscweig and Berlin who actually did so well you cannot differentiate them with professionals . Sandrah Achums (Kandibe) is a veteran on duty in this movie and showed class . John Okafor (Okoro) is a natural that got the Germans/Europeans laughing more than his folks in the premier. Dude has elevated stupidity to an admirable sport and was the center of the whole satirical piece of work.
The message in the movie did not get lost in the obscurity of the comedy background rather was constantly top on the list of issues of note. Migration and the stories associated to it has been dampened by the unfortunate situation whereby the story of the victim is told by people that hurt him! This one is different because it is an African story told by an African that experienced it!!! Every aspect of the fallacy of better life in Europe was touched in the movie including the assumptions/pressures from home and the wrong impression from abroad. The facets of the truth revealed in this movie would explain in years to come why Africans should tell things like they are!!!
Folks,get ready to laugh but do not abandon your tools of judgment as you do!:musik35:
Rudeboy, bravo homeboy and don't stop till you get enough:fing33:
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