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10 Droid Apps We Cant Live Without

Discussion in 'SOCIAL MEDIA, GADGETS, SCIENCE, WEB' started by Dsampler, Jun 17, 2013.

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    Jun 11, 2004
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    Our staff at FreeCallerIdSpoofing loves to show off their Android phones. Only 2 people here have Iphones. Blah. We are not too big on Apple.

    So we asked our staff what were the 10 best apps that they couldn’t do without.

    Here is the list.

    1. A good flashlight app. – Most people would use it when they get out of bed or look for something. However, most newer androids already use the led flash as a flashlight.

    2. Period tracking app – I guess some of the guys here want to know when their girlfriends are PMSing.

    3. Instagram! – For when you want your dull pictures to become works of art.

    4. YouTube - Everyone loves Justin Bieber videos

    5. Google Maps – How else would you get around. Free navigation

    6. Facebook – Can I get some FB comments on this post below.

    7. Twitter – #FreeCallerIdSpoofing

    8. DrawSome – Most of the guys don’t draw. They spell the words for coins so they can buy pretty colors.

    9. Kindle app – Read that Ellen Hilderbrand novel.

    10 Google voice – Where else can you get a free second phone number?

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