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30 days, 300 days or 3000 days!!!??

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I dislike you with a passion!!! you stalk me all over NR to insult and disrespect me!!! You can abuse yourself all you like! I see you have no respect for your elders!!! So, go and hang yourself in one corner with your very rude, annoying, insulting and disrespectful self!! I AM SO DONE WITH YOU!!!!! GO AND SUCK ON SOMETHING!!! GOOD BYE!!!
You too...you need it....you are yanning and forever will be yanning nonsense and fried plantain!

And i will always remind you of that...so you can dislike me with a passion I dont give 2 im just giving you a taste of your own medicine how does it feel to get what you dish out?


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Let there be love shared among us...:music-smi

Give us a 'french understanding', a sistaly love that is real..

Let there be LOVE sweat:
Not open for further replies.