5 All-Time popular Nigerian movies

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Reminder...Not necessarily movies you like or have seen. More like 5 movies you hear everyone talking about ALL THE TIME, movies every household owns a copy of, movies nearly everyone has seen...POPULAR, not your likes.
I see you're asking for the impossiblesmokin:


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I dont know what ur laugh is about... Sola said popular
And when it came out in Naija it was the most popular and stayed like that for a long time.... That was how I getto know most of the Nollywood peeps u see me with. They still knew me even when I visited Naija years after Dapo Jr was released..... Its not my favorite movie, but it was very very popular.... The hype that two of Nollywood's biggest stars then (Liz Benson & Saint Obi) went abroad to shoot made it a must see. I wonder how old u were in 1999


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5 most popular movies of all time
1. Ti Oluwa Ni'le
2. Obirin Asiko
3. Domitila
4. Glamour Girls
5. Yemi my Lover

Notable mention:
Living in Bondage
Blood Sisters
Iyawo Alhaji


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Oga Sola, I didn't know we could mention Yoruba movies. You did not give a timeframe either. Could I go as far back as the days of Chief Hubert Ogunde, Duro Ladipo and Baba Sala (Orun Moru).....ummm maybe not, as some of us were still crawling then. Okay, last 2 decades, who could forget:

Owo Blow
Ti Oluwa ni ile
Madam Dearest
Asewo to re Mecca
Amin Orun

Did you say only 5? ummm.......