5 All-Time popular Nigerian movies


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Dapo Jr na sequel to Holland heat abi Khami?

I haven't seen Dapo Jr but holland heat sweat: sweat: :spiny:

Holla at your sister bro.:music-smi
Naaah!!! not a sequel... Holland Heat does not have a sequel (though a white Dutch guy wrote a sequel...we shot for a day and call it quits) Dapo Jr was 99-2000 and HH was years later....


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I dont know what ur laugh is about... Sola said popular
And when it came out in Naija it was the most popular and stayed like that for a long time.... That was how I getto know most of the Nollywood peeps u see me with. They still knew me even when I visited Naija years after Dapo Jr was released..... Its not my favorite movie, but it was very very popular.... The hype that two of Nollywood's biggest stars then (Liz Benson & Saint Obi) went abroad to shoot made it a must see. I wonder how old u were in 1999
sorry, love, but I don't think Dapo Jr was that popular here, not on d scale of the others on your list anyway. like someone said, i only heard about d movie here. I think Sola is talking about movies that once u mention dem, everybody will yes, i've heard of dat one.


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Here's my list

Living in Bondage


Glamour Girls

Mortal Inheritance

Osuofia in London

Like someone said, i think this list suppose reach at least 10.


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well my own be
Glamour Girls
Games Men play
Mortal Inheritance
Living in Bondage
others ones dey o, but to date this is still my top five.
If i were 2 pick 5 more I wld go 4
glamour girls
aki n ukwa
sisters on the run(i hope tht's the title. Never really seen it but i've hear abt it).
games women play
I think some people are listing their favourites rather than the ones most talked about:
Anyways, the 5 that I have heard the most about are:

Glamour Girls
Usofia in London
Madam Dearest
Games Women Play
Blood Sisters


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Some of you are now mentioning movies that have no business being on an All-time popular list...