A Farewell Poem for Field Marshal's Sister

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FM really sorry to hear this. You know she is in a better place and you will be reunited with her one day. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May her soul rest in peace


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Sorry about your loss. So sad. May her soul rest in peace. I lost my oldest sister this year. The family is still reeling from the loss.

Take heart FM. The Lord will comfort you all.


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@FM,may the good LORD comfort you and yours in this trying times.Be consoled with the fact that God alone knows best.Ndoo nwanne.


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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, FM. I have a sense of what you went thru. 2 women very close to me are going thru the horrible experience of breast cancer right now. Both just finished chemo and are on temaxophine right now. It was very, very tough on everyone around. I pray for them in my heart everyday. I'll be praying for God to be with you and your family. Try to stay strong, you hear?

Gen Sani Abacha

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These are very trying times/days for me and my entire family. I lost my sister last week to Cancer! :(

She is now resting in Peace!<praying:
My dear brother, I am ever so sorry for your loss. I am just now coming across this thread!

I pray God grants you all the fortitude to bear your loss and rest her soul in perfect peace. Please take heart, she is in a better place now. Remember the good times and be a rock for the family.

I will remember you in my prayers. Stay blessed brother.


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May the good Lord comfort you and the family in this time of grief and may the soul of the departed rest in perfect peace. It is well!


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FM, So sorry to hear about your loss. It is such a terrible ordeal, I lost my Dad thru cancer too. It was such a horrible period in our life. I still cry about it till date, cos it was so painful to see him go and there was little or nothing we could do about it. We prayed, tried drugs, infact we all fought it to the last. When i got the last call from him, he just said" my dear i am weak and i am just calling to let that if the Lord calls me tonight i am going, I am ready"
Well , he died a week later, in his sleep.
My dear what kept us going is remebering the times we spent with him, remembering how very very strong he was till the last day. Also importantly is the time i spent with him taking good care of him, making his special meals, generally having good conversations with him. When i remember these things, i smile. You are the only one who can really comfort yourself. Your sister will be happiest if you will stop crying, stop lamenting and remember all the good times you had with her.
May God strengthen you and your family at this time. God bless you


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Gosh...Am just seeing this thread.... Fm am so so sorry, my condolence to the family . May God strengthen and heal the family at a trying time like this. I am so sorry
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