A Mile From Home: Trailer

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A Mile From Home is an action drama, directed by Eric Aghimien. It stars Tope Tedela, Chiedozie ‘Sambasa’ Nzeribe, Alex Ayalogu, Tolu Akinbileje, and Eric Nwanso. Also in the movie are Charles Decker, Victor Osinuga, Mario Dave, and Tunde Ayam. A Mile From Home is scheduled for theatrical release in May 2013.

A student, Jude Odaro gets into a notorious gang in order to get a revenge. He got the revenge but lost his freedom, his future and decides to walk away from home. Jude’s childhood friend in U.K. asked him to help his younger brother, Deba, who just got an admission into the school settle down. While staying with Jude before he could get him place, Deba gets curious about Jude’s weird behavior which gets him between two lines in The gang’s den and Jude has to break a code to save him thereby endangering both their lives.


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