A night in Nigeria’s hottest strip club

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Asked yourself if we have such clubs in Naija? Go and read this...

Sunday Sun reporter, JAMES EZE (jameseze1@yahoo.com) spends the Valentine night at Nigeria’s most weird sex and sports bar and returns with vivid images of our fast changing times. The sound of music thunders through the night air as you stand at the entrance and read the sign on the door- Number 10 Bar. That’s all. A laconic message; too brief to capture the details of the wonder and bewilderment which the swing of the door on its hinges sweeps you into.

The sign is printed on the back of a soccer jersey. As you push through the door, you encounter two barrel-chested young men, manning another door directly in front of you. Beside them on the right side of the entrance is the ticket seller who quickly picks off the N500 note from your hand before you could stretch it to him and hands you a small ticket.

Music spews out of the inner chambers and grows louder as you walk through the small door with the barrel-chested bouncers on both sides into a maze of sorts. Before you lie a picturesque spread of gothic pavilions. In the middle of each pavilion is a bar, supporting an array of 24 inch TV monitors. The monitors are permanently tuned to Super Sports 3 with a round-the-clock coverage of sports. On the far side, a blue smoke curls up from the suya spot.

As you take in the magnificent view, you recall the sign on the door at the entrance with the Number 10 Jersey. It’s a sports bar after all, you almost conclude, but just then a door swings open on your right side revealing a crowd of revelers, skimpily clad young women and some stragglers holding hands. More youths arrive in batches and head straight to the door and you soon realize that the door leads to an oblong hall from where the sound of music flows.

Light teasers
You draw a deep breath and push the door open. Murder she wrote, a head-thumping tune by Chaka Damos & Pliers, which ruled the air waves in the 90s oozes out of the compact speakers hanging from the roof. The smell of cigarettes, booze and human sweat stabs your nostrils.

There they are. The two of them. It seems otherworldly; like a picture out of dream or a deep trance. On the far corner of the oblong hall, stripped to hot pants and strapless alter-neck bras, they twirl their gleaming spotless ebony bodies on a pole, standing on an elevated platform. Behind them is the Deejay cubicle from where the itchy fingered mix-master brews a potent broth that impels the dancers into frenzy. Suddenly Sunny Nneji’s Face Me spills out of the speakers, kindling rhythmic fire in the dancers.

They respond in measured movement, swinging their waists, flapping their thighs and twisting their bums in motions suggestive of a sex-crazed animal approaching orgasm. Swept by the hurricane spirit of the dance one of the girls lowers her body to the floor and begins to simulate sex with an imaginary partner who must have been lying on his back. She rides him - in a languid movement that falls to the rhythm of the sound. The effect is volcanic. The demented audience watches like people entranced in the pervading sensual stupour. On the front seat, very close to the dancers, a solitary white man raises his finger and stabs the air.

He looks fifty-ish but on his lap is a young woman with luxuriant bounce of hair. A chill enshrouds you. You feel like a sleepwalker trapped in a maze of colours too bright to pass for a dream. It is a dream, really. A dream world of No. 10 Bar, Nigeria’s premier sex-sports bar where strippers dangle sex like a hot appetizing stick of suya, (not chicken suya for obvious reasons). Nestling on a slope on Ogundana Street off Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos, No 10 Bar is the weird nexus between sports and sex, part dream, part reality.

Raunchy teaser
The oblong hall swarms with people tonight. It’s Valentine Night. Valentine Night may mean sundry things to the rest of the world but it means one thing to the swarm of ‘worshippers’ at No 10 Bar - Sex. Sex-crazed revelers throng the bar to worship enchanted merchants of flesh whose raunchy pelvic thrusts conjure awakenings in designated places. Inside the oblong hall are five TV monitors showing English Premiership games on Super Sports 3. The delicately patterned walls are lined with portraits of porn stars in various stages of nudity.

A freckle-faced, light skinned lady tends the well-appointed bar on the other end of the hall. Suddenly, the music comes to a halt and the strip teasers jump down from the platforms. It was twelve midnight. The deejay introduces Trinity, an up coming R & B act from Plateau State who quickly mounts the stage to do a number. Another act, a duo that needs to put in more work in their performance takes the stage after Trinity. The interval of life performances is to enable the ladies who would give the peak performance of the night enough time for make-up.



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What's next, gay clubs? My bad, I heard they have those already.

Like I said before, we're good at copying immoral things from the West compare to moral things


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Gen Sani Abacha said:
I suppose bestiality is the next thing(bestiality is intercourse with animals!).
God help Naija pupulu sha! :(
...R U trying to say "joint" for Gidi na bad idea?:gnash


Crazy T

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Crystalgirl said:
Is this for real or is this the writer's fantasy? I don't trust anything from that Sun tabloid.

You better believe this one because it's for real, Khami was there too and he told me exactly the same thing.

Khami wey u self to come confirm this tory.

Gen Sani Abacha

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paj said:
..make I juss tell U now..if U ban stripjoints for Gidi U dey play wiff impeachment..U HEAR???:gnash

Yu beta not misyarn o, odawise ah go turn yu into "The Eunuch of Abuja" :biggrinsa
Nollywood folks, yu better not tif dat wan as mofie taitulu o, ah don copyright am! :mad:
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