A night in Nigeria’s hottest strip club

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Na only common strip club dey cause all dis commotion for here... hey i don die be dis...

Naija people and pretense


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Gen Sani Abacha said:
Yeeeparipa mo gbe o!
My Milky in a strip club ? :(

Ahhhh...darling why do you talk like this now,I was only saying it as it is I mean its nothing new for them to be screaming about! You know I won't even dare such places..


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Nne yes oooooooooooo and the question is still unanswered. lol Bolanle you handled Zenke very well. Next time Women de talk and he enter without caution we go grind for mortar. :spin2:

blackbutterfly said:
NTB said:
where are the male strip clubs?


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If Africans were to open strip clubs back in Africa, they will put these strippers (ATL & Miami - stripper lands) out of business cos all their men will fly over there on their holidays to watch. A guy friend of mine watched one ivorian dance video and was shocked. He has been hooked ever since driving all over cobb county asking african stores if they sell any.


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paj said:
..aaaaaaaaaaaah...finally...I can retire to Naija wiff a huge grin...:biggrinsa
if paj doesnt respond to this type of thread who will.:action-sm
Paj - pay a visit to Atlanta and go to infamous "strokers" in decatur.
I hear Wednesday is amateur nights thus you dont even have to tip, pay enter and watch for free.

Atlanta and Miami strips clubs- lawd or lawd. I didnt think things like that will be legal anywhere in the world, i mean the extent of it.sweat:
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