A real life sex machine?...In Nigeria?

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I sleep with my mentor and every member of his family
So.....check this out y'all. I came across this in the PUNCH Newspaper. This is supposed to be one of those "Dear Abbi" letters..except this is "Dear Kemi" & it happened in Nigeria. Read on.......

By KEMI ASHEFON, Published: Saturday, 26 Dec 2009

I am a 25-year-old man and my father died when I was ten years old, leaving five of us with my mother. But I had a mentor, who saw me through school, and been a management staff of a new generation bank, secured a job for me. He even gave me his boys’ quarters to live. He showered me with lots of gifts and with his assistance, I was able to sponsor my other siblings’ education. But there is a problem-this man and his family are perverts. The man has been having homosexual relationship with me since my undergraduate years. His first son, a 28-year- old, who works in an oil company, would visit and have sex with me. The first daughter would also come for sex. Even their last baby, a 17-year-old girl would seductively come to my room, wanting to have sex with me. The man’s wife often forces me to having sex with her whenever the husband travels abroad. In fact, the man sees me as his ‘second wife’ because he would take me along on his weekend trips under the pretence that the driver is off work, that I should drive him. But this multiple affair has remained a secret between me and each member of the family. I have told the man that I wanted my own accommodation elsewhere, but he refused. Moreover, I dare not pack out without his consent if I still need my job. Is it bad to be tall and handsome? I am sick and tired of this sex slavery. Mind you, the man would go for medical check-up and take me along to be checked too. What do I do?

O.B.J, Abuja.

First, I want you to know that your destiny should not be destroyed just for a morsel of bread! What is a bank job compared to your life? What you are doing with each member of this family is not only sinful, it is deadly and has spiritual implications. Don’t think all the affairs are discreet, someone amongst them knows and when they are tired of your ‘services’ or sense you want to spill the beans, you could be killed. If you don’t move out of that house now, I assure you of three occurrences-you would never live a fulfilled life, you would never get married and you would amount to nothing financially despite your bank job. Forget whatever you are enjoying now; they are a mirage. They have wings, they will fly. Homosexuality is for those God has turned His back. Even sleeping with another man’s wife is deadly. Leave that house. If you lose a job, you can get another as long as you are alive. Lastly, cry out to God. He still accepts genuine



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That sick man probably molested his son. I don't think that homosexuality can be inherited. He most likely molested his son just like he molested this one. His wife is a major ode.
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