A Revolution in 30 Days By Joy Bewaji

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Burrom line IS - A NEW SHERIFF IS IN TOWN! abi job description of sheriff dey change?:spin2:
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“We brought a DOP from Hollywood,” she states proudly, “His name is Cricket Peters and he specializes on lightning. We also brought in a sound recorder. We used professional sound designers and a sound mixer.”

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A Revolution in 30 Days
By Joy Bewaji, 03.31.2007

Be warned: not all pretty girls have lipsticks in their handbags, some of them carry guns! 30 Days is a terrific thriller set in modern-day Nigeria.

Sexy rebels are unleashing a spree of violence, eliminating every politician, with a history of corruption, out of the system. The film reeks of pervasive vengeance and un-conformist tendencies, which culminates into a richly contrasting pool of the league of rebels who now see themselves as the last bastion in a morally decrepit society.
For Genevieve Nnaji (Chinora Onu), the brutal assassination of her father, unveils a hardened part of her that sends her, with immense thrill, on a deadly path to retribution.

Nkiru Alinta’s (Rahila Kano) disgust for her father’s unscrupulous and ostentatious lifestyle leads her into a more adventurous albeit daring course to social rebirth in a bid to prove her abhorrence for ‘unholy’ wealth.
To unravel the mystery behind the killings are Dupe Ajayi (Joke Silva) and Inspector Sobowale (Segun Arinze), with a handful of pressmen who cannot wait to get to the root of the bizaare killings.

All the cast play excellently well, even minor casts manage to steal scenes once in a while.
It’s certainly a thrill to see Genevieve come alive in this film. Her tinsel charm and unabashed sex appeal makes us want to grab our men for safety! Her sex role with US based Chet who plays Kene Alumona, is as steaming and exciting as our deepest desires would take us.

30 Days reveals a shade in Segun Arinze (inspector Sobowale) which Nollywood lovers would be pleased to experience , away from the age-long villainous stereotype.

Najite Dede’s performance is excellent. As a killer she is tough, dangerous, and frighteningly convincing.
30 Days is a film bristling with lethal gusto. It shocks, grips, and entertains; all elements which make for exciting viewing.
In the heat of the tension, passion, and suspense is the unsuspecting mastermind who only the clairvoyant will begin to suspect until events unfold in the course of the movie.

A timely piece, especially as the Nigerian government tackles corruption and abuse of office by public officers. It pays special attention to sound, lighting and other technical qualities.
30 Days features Nollywood stars like: Genevieve Nnaji, Joke Silva, Segun Arinze, Nobert Young, Najite Dede, Ekwi Onwumene, Kalu Ikeagwu, Gbenga Richards, and a host of others.

Time-out with Mildred Okwo (script-writer and director, 30 Days)
Mildred Okwo is a ‘Nollywood practitioner’, a showbiz personality without the hauteur. After thirteen years of absence she crossed the Niger Bridge and was taken by the deprivation that clothe the citizens. She worried, and as if to fuel her anxiety and depression, she stumbled on an article written by Simon Kolawole one December morning in 2003 titled, “Do they know it is Christmas time?”. The article and the evidence of penury in the land were just enough to make her snap!
“I wanted to cure my blues,” she confessed. But beyond that she needed to lend a voice to the struggles of millions of Nigerians whose dreams and aspirations have been subdued by the avarice and anopia of the leading class.
“To think that public officers could ride around in SUVs and throw lavish burials and weddings on television as if to taunt their constituents was just beyond me.”

Mildred may have been motivated by the paradox in the society, but when she put pen to paper, she created a political masterpiece laced with sex, intrigue, and violence; bristling with energy and tension.
“I guess political stories can be quite boring especially if you forget that you are also expected to entertain the viewer. Apart from that, many people are afraid of offending people in power. Not me, at this stage of my life, I am only afraid of God. Moreover, the President himself has given Nollywood the mandate to write stories that revolve around some of the corrupt practices of our officials. 30 Days is much more than politics, it is deceit, love, sex, religion and violence. All the ingredients that make up an interesting storyline.”

Apart from its brilliance in editing, sound, and other technical details, 30 Days is a star-studded movie, with an engaging story-line. The picture is so crisp and clear you’d totally agree if you were told it was shot on 35mm.
“We shot entirely on DV,” she corrects. But emphasis were placed on lighting and sound quality.

“We brought a DOP from Hollywood,” she states proudly, “His name is Cricket Peters and he specializes on lightning. We also brought in a sound recorder. We used professional sound designers and a sound mixer.”
The most intriguing role in the movie is played by US based Nigerian, Chet Bashiru Anekwe. He takes a 30-day trip to his fatherland and falls for this seemingly quiet but pretty Chinora Onu (Genevieve Nnaji) who unveils a treacherous, vengeful, murderous, and fascinating world to him.

Chet is a trained actor, ruggedly handsome, and could match every sex pore Genevieve brings on!
“He was prepared for the role down to every wink, and that is something you never forget as a director,” Mildred exclaims.
For all the actors, 30 Days takes them one notch higher in their career. The film simply makes a complete star out of every cast!

“30 Days gives us the opportunity to look at the various aspects of Nigerian life- religion, corruption, love, sex, politics, and violence.”

For daring to thread through a path, which most people would gladly ignore, Mildred Okwo gets two thumbs up. And for an intricate movie well-written, well-crafted, well-acted and fantastically directed, she gets five thumbs way up!

• Bewaji writes from Lagos and can be reached at festacbreedmag@yahoo.com
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