Actor Saint Obi marries today!

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do not speculate on things you know nothing about, myself and olofofogal are just friends, we never at any time did what you think you know, that is how rumour starts, olofofgal is married, and we all should respect that.

Me and olofofogal having difference about a particular issue does not give room for uncalled for specualtions, we dissagreed on an issue, and we have since moved beyond that as adults, that is what happend in real world.
Excusez moi plait? I ain't the one speculating, i'm just a spice girl who adds the spice to the broth.

Jinui cooked the broth, I added the

No qualms bro.
peaches if u have issues with estella pls open a thread to address them,if ur mind tells u that obude and i had something then so be it,i dont owe u or anyone any apologies.obude is a fine brother and i wouldnt deny him for the world if he was my ex-boo.afterall i am happily married now.its pple who are failures that deny things that were!
go on and insinuate,it gives me pleasure!grinning:
You better get off your high horse and talk to me on face level.

Issues with who exactly? Estelle? You'll be lucky.

Ooh by the way, how does it feel to be on the receiving end of false rumours? Good, right?


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what are u going to do with all that ocean belly, rubb ya hands on it, Chei, :1 Samira you r slipping in your taste of men, chei, This is pitiful. Anyway did i tell you i also kicked muna to the curb, cos his love handles and belly is getting too big (since you like bellies u can take), As of July 2007 - its officially Jim Iyke. Muna why now, i thought you and i would be forever and ever, now you had to make me go do this, But on the real though, you still can kiss. Mmmm, just hit the gym small. taste in men will forever be a mystery to allsweat: but for this one, I will pass...he is funny though and bbfly can have himsweat: as for your meamuna aka menu I never found him to be attractive....he had an annoying way with his nose when he got angry which I could not stand...but i thought he was all fit though? Goes to show how long I have watched his movie...but Jim Iyke, get out of here ooo..otherwise ricky ricardo go come for yousmokin: :roll


hahahahaha @ bolded.

it's an open secret, yes?

the kind where you think everyone is an idiot and no one knows.

just like my oga is having relations with one of MY subordinates, and they think no one knows!!!!

it's so laughably stupid.

if you're married, please come out and say you are married, what is the big deal? at least the small small girls will know now and when you reject them, they won't have too much hard feelings.

Yes, he is very married and secretly too, the guy doesnt just want to talk about it. I will say it again, he is married.


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Yes, he is very married and secretly too, the guy doesnt just want to talk about it. I will say it again, he is married.
Thanks MW.
I know it can't be that tough to find out if it happened at the registry.

BTW, Obude, no hard feelings, but I think you should rethink your frienship with Saint Obi. He seems to me that your friend told you a boldface lie.


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And to think Estella was fighting every single girl in this forum that time o...

She accused everybody when no get the Mrs prefix of flirting with her man then! Even, it was a crime to have big boobs and live in Europe at that time o. Estella tia real gas that time, I tell ya. Shebi you no say the baby no get boobs so every girl wey get boobs for forum that time enter automatic trouble.

...and the award for amebo of the year goes to Peaches!sweat:
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