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Adeboye RCCG import scandal

Discussion in 'NEWS, BOOKS, CULTURE' started by Obariba, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Obariba

    Obariba Koininonia

    Jul 8, 2004
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    The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian
    Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare
    Adeboye has been linked to a scandalous import
    duty waiver said to have cost Nigeria a whooping
    N20 Billion in revenue loss between 2006 and 2007.

    A Fiscal Commission source in Abuja preferring anonymity
    told Pointblanknews.com during the week that pastor
    Adeboye, tapping into his well-known ties with former
    President Olusegun Obasanjo benefited from the shady
    import duty waiver in which Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Chief
    Mike Adenuga, Alhaji Saminu Turaki, Mr. Donald Duke
    and others were prime beneficiaries.

    According to the impeccable source, the duty waiver
    granted Adeboye was said to have been used ?dishonestly
    ? by the church to import luxury Sport Utility Van, SUV
    (usually called Jeep in Nigeria), building materials and
    Digital Recording equipment some of which were said to
    belong to top members of the church both within Nigeria
    and abroad. In other words, the source surmised that
    Adeboye used his high level connections to ?aid and
    abate? his church members to defraud the nation by not
    paying the requisite importation fees.

    The source said that many of the RCCG?s faithful in
    Nigeria and abroad had celebrated the ?unlawful act?
    as a ?testimony to the goodness of the lord.? It was said
    that a Pastor Ghandi of the Jesus House, RCCG in
    Washington DC where the late first lady Mrs. Stella
    Obasanjo used to worship whenever she was in the
    United State, was a facilitator of the deal.

    Many of the luxury cars that were said to have been
    imported through the deal were not meant for private
    use. They were said to have been sold at several car
    dealerships across the country. The source explained to
    pointblanknews.com that even if the items were not
    traded, it was unheard of that ?people would import
    duty-free luxury items into any country.?

    The official did not rule out the possibility of a
    thorough investigation of the deal which he said
    could make Adeboye to pay and possibly
    face charges

    A document made available to pointblanknews.com
    indicated that in 2006, RCCG got an import waiver of
    N9,831,109,309.00 through certificate no.,
    BO/REV/12235/S.2/T.133 to import construction
    materials; generators and vehicles. The value of the
    imports was N49,155,546,846.00.

    In 2007, another import waiver was granted. This time
    through a certificate number BO/R10260/V111/161,
    RCCG was granted rights to import building/
    construction materials with value put at
    N48,988,454,876.00 with a total waiver of
    N9,757,690.975.20. The two waivers total
    N19,588,800,284,20, while the bulk transactions
    amount to N98,144,347,130.20.

    Also 300 luxury cars with value put at $6,923,000, 100
    Jeeps (SUV) valued at $8,000,000, Video Equipment
    valued at $12,000,000.00, were all part of the shady
    import deals.

    It would be recalled that the comptroller General of
    Nigerian Customs Services, Mr. Jacob Gyang Buba
    had been investigated by the independent Corrupt
    Practices Commission, ICPC in connection with an
    annual loss of N50 Billion in respect of the importation
    tariff waiver introduced by the Government of
    President Olusegun Obasanjo.

    The spiritual depth of some practices of the RCCG
    has been subject of concern amongst growing
    conservative Christian worshippers. Adeboye is often
    criticized for being interested in quantity and not
    quality. He is said to have broken his church to model
    parishes were prosperity theology is often preached.
    The other class of followership is usually called
    Redeemed Classical. They are more mortified and often
    completely scriptural. Apart from Adeboye?s too cozy
    with the high and mighty elite, he was said to have
    given tacit blessing to ex-president Obasanjo?s
    third-term Presidential dream that was truncated with
    sudden humiliation.
  2. bigmomma

    bigmomma Well-Known Member

    Sep 11, 2003
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    Not sure of the truth to this story but men of God need to be careful of things they do or allow poeple around them do cos it comes back somehow to bite and put doubt in ur ministry and on ur calling.
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