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ADFF Film Festival

Discussion in 'Announcements, Introductions, Guidelines' started by Sola, Dec 2, 2003.

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    Mar 1, 2003
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    Only 10 days before the start of ADFF 2003!

    11th Annual African Diaspora Film Festival From November 28 to December
    14, 2003. For information about film submission visit www.NYADFF.org

    ADFF receives grant from the Film Academy

    The Academy Foundation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
    Sciences has awarded grants to 17 film festivals across the country for
    the year 2004. The African Diaspora Film Festival is one of those
    recipients with a $10,000 award.

    The African American experience in ADFF 2003

    The African American experience has been one of the main focuses in ADFF
    since 1993. Some of the films that were screened for the first time in
    the context of ADFF over the years include SANKOFA by Haile Gerima, the
    Opening Night film in 1993; BLEEDING HEARTS by the late Gregory Hines
    and THE KEEPER by Joe Brewster both screened during ADFF 1996; THE
    DINNER by Bernie Casey in 1997; A BELLY FULL by Melvin Van Peebles, ADFF
    2000; A HUEY P. NEWTON STORY by Spike Lee, ADFF 2001; and THE MURDER OF
    EMMETT TILL by Stanley Nelson and THE ANNIHILATION OF FISH by Charles
    Burnett both showed in ADFF 2002.

    Another Charles Burnett film will premiere in ADFF 2003:NAT TURNER, A
    TROUBLESOME PROPERTY, a perfectly executed docu-drama that revisits the
    various literary interpretations of the legacy of Nat Turner, presented
    both as a rightfully rebellious slave inspired by God and as a vicious
    crazy savage with destructive instincts. Veteran independent filmmaker
    Larry Clark will travel to New York to present his latest film, CUTTING
    HORSE, a modern day western about a legendary horseman named Tyler who
    returns home after ten years of drifting to find his friends besieged
    with a host of problems having to do with greed and desire. Larry Clark
    will also present his classic film PASSING THROUGH, an eloquent and
    powerful testament to the spirit of Black music starring Clarence Muse
    and Nathaniel Taylor. Music has always been an important element of
    African American life. In STOLEN MOMENTS by Shaka King, leading Black
    journalists, musicians, and hip hop impresarios weigh-in on the
    of hip hop. Once a tool for liberation, it is now a tool in the arsenal
    of major corporations. With appearances by Russell Simmons, Greg Tate,
    Bobitto, Iceberg, Harry Allen and Rah Goddess. STOLENT MOMENTS will be
    fascinating and revealing window to the little known and understood
    world of Blacks who associate with the predominantly white
    music and social world of the Punk movement. In the Jazz Program of the
    an affectionate and deeply moving documentary on the life of the
    celebrated jazz bassist.

    ADFF features the work of emerging and established filmmakers of color
    as well as black theme films --no matter what the filmmaker's race or
    nationality. KEEPING Time is such a film. Other outstanding films made
    by European Americans to be presented in the festival this year include
    DYLAN'S RUN about a young politician who made history by
    becoming the first Black Republican to run for Congress in the Deep
    South since Reconstruction; and UNPRECEDENTED: THE 2000 PRESIDENTIAL
    ELECTIONS, a well researched and documented documentary that
    demonstrates how the Bush family stole the 2000 presidential election in
    Florida and disenfranchised thousands of Black voters in the process.

    Sometimes team collaboration between people of different races but with
    similar a background give outstanding results: Witness the film RAGE
    AND DISCIPLINE a close collaboration between director Brian Clyde and
    lead actor, producer Joe Suba. RAGE AND DISCIPLINE, which will have its
    World Premiere during ADFF 2003, is a well-crafted, skillfully rendered
    tale of crime and punishment in Harlem. Not to be missed.

    Another outstanding film by a young independent filmmaker to be
    presented this year is THE RIGHT Question by African American filmmaker
    Benjamin David Smith who plays the lead as a sociology graduate student
    who spends his last semester on the street in order to write his thesis
    on homelessness.

    One of the themes in the year's festival is the theme of Love to be
    explored both in films -- with the Love Short Program featuring HIS/HER
    STORY by Nzinga Kadlie Kemp, STRANGE AND CHARMED by Shari Frilot, MAYBE
    by Carl Fond and LOVE IN HARLEM by Julius I. Key – and through ADFF's
    Panel Discussions with the panel "Black on Black Love" to be held at
    Teachers College, Columbia University on Saturday,
    December 13.

    The WOMEN INDIES'S NIGHT at the Schomburg Center sponsored by NYWIFT
    will feature JUNETEENTH COMMUNITY by Carolyn Y. Johnson, an informative
    documentary about this important African American tradition, and SISTERS
    IN CINEMA. Filmmaker Yvonne Welbon examines in this documentary the
    phenomenon of black female directors in American cinema revealing a
    rich, if sporadic, history. Fascinating, poignant interviews with new
    and established filmmakers such as: Neema
    Barnette, Julie Dash, Maya Angelou, Kasi Lemmons and Euzhan Palcy. The
    screening will be followed by a Panel Discussion with Carolyn Y.
    Johnson, Yvonnes Welbon and some of the filmmakers featured in the film
    including Theresa Brown, Bridgett M. Davis, and Vanessa Middleton.

    The Gay Film Program will feature two very interesting documentaries:
    BUTCH MYSTIQUE about the rules, thoughts, passions, and concerns of
    African American butch-stud, identified lesbians; and THE EDGE OF EACH
    OTHER?S BATTLES: THE VISION OF AUDRE LORDE, a tribute to legendary Black
    lesbian feminist poet Audre Lorde.

    Finally, not to be missed, as part of the "Working Girls" program, is
    HOOKERS AT THE POINT: FIVE YEARS LATER by Brent Owens who revisits the
    sultry streets of Hunts Point in the South Bronx after doing over 12
    years of research on the topic of prostitution.

    For a full program of the festival, to find screening days and times and
    to purchase tickets in advance, visit http://www.NYADFF.org.
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