AIT Moviestar channel Sky 333

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Sky 333 : Movie Star Channel

It seems that this is the year that Nollywood and African Movies will take the world by storm. There is a brand new channel on Sky FREE. by AIT that will be featuring African Movies. Music and Entertainment.
Right now I'm watching and its just in Pre Launch Mode.The great vibrants colors of Africa are shinning bright. The pictures look sharp and if they chose their movies well and show the best musical productions which is what I've seen so far they cannot go wrong.:fing24:


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I like the fact that apart from films, they show other programmes as well including soap operas and music videos.

BTW, this is an AIT channel, i don't think it'll be a subscription channel o. I'm sure they'll start getting adverts very soon.
My thoughts exactly, this is a better way to do it. I enjoyed watching Sango and The Making of Sango. I hope they show some of the very old but great productions of yester years that is if NTA will let them though!


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My darling sister,

Yes, I am...hasn't been easy but I've just decided to take a day at a time and trust God to see me through. No point stressing over things I have no control over so I've decided not to worry but be happy:roll. Thanks
Great! That's the spirit o my sister. God bless and strengthen you.


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Good channel. Nice that we now have two choices.

One teeny weenie problem I have with this particular one referred to in this thread is, their sometimes incorrect programme times as advertised and what they actually show at the said times.

I always tape most movies/programmes in advance to watch at my leisure. There have been times when this channel has not shown movies at the advertised time. I have Sky+ HD and a few times now, I've programmed movies for taping at the advertised time; have gone back, balance, ready to watch to find that its an entirely different programme they've shown! Probably all teething problems sha. Apart from that, not a bad channel overall.
Even though I have noticed this trend with some of the main stream channels such as ITV etc,. it would still be nice if we could have one Nigerian station that didn't its subscribers for granted and did what they said ... when they said.


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wow they are showing candle light on channel 333 this is just bringing back old memories basorge do good.
I pray they show palace soon :)


see? For those of you crucifying me and others that were watching naija movies free online, go to Africa and see all the channels showing same movies free!!!

The only channel I tune to in Afri there are the African Movies TV stations! Even local TVS take out time to show movies!! But truthfully sha, I wonder how these people make their monies sha. Are they paid?


I love me AIT (DAAR) communications! that company is going places!! Its the first TV station in Nigeria (abi Africa) to offer public shares for sale.

They keep getting betterer and betterer everyday...I hope una buy their shares O!
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