Alert: Same movies with different titles

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This thread is dedicated to the movies with different titles but are really continuations of other movies.

Pirates of the Night 1 - 4
The Dons of Sakawa 1 - 4 (continuation)
Same movie different name

Desperate Couple . AKA. A Bitter Blessing

Set Apart AKA Mummy's Daughter

God Loves Prostitutes. AKA. The Chosen One

Super Star. AKA. The Ugly Side Of Beauty.

Pirates Of The Night. AKA The Dons In Town.

Arch Angel. AKA. Arch Enemy.

Little Baron. AKA. Her Proposal.

Front Door. AKA. Desperate Game.

At All Cost. AKA. Evil Intention. AKA. Who Knows Tomorrow

Pass Me Your Love. AKA. Blind Love.
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