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vince said:
BigM always give me akamu and slice bread for breakfast :( !
Na combination of woman wey no sabi cook be dat. Akamu and bread. E no even put baked beans or corned beef?


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vince said:
She dey put epa(groundnuts) take join am sometimes! :(
vince i will massacre you o. :guns :guns nonsense ask ma sister sef. dem no dey call me olowo shibi for nothing. make una no mind vince o lie lie pata olokun on fire


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bigmomma said:
vince i will massacre you o. :guns :guns nonsense ask ma sister sef. dem no dey call me olowo shibi for nothing. make una no mind vince o lie lie pata olokun on fire
You want make i tell dem for hia how good you are in the kitchen,make dem come steal you away from me,abi.See as you just polongo your kitchen skillz for public. :eyes


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bigmomma said:
Oga Sola worever o. as far as i dey represent whether with left or right o. i kept ma darling well fed.
I don't want to get a potbelly sha,se you know,so go easy on me o,iyawo olowo sibi. :) ;)


Niceone, why are you playing with my emotions like this now??? WHY?? WHY?? WHY??
I went to bed with my mouth watering for the afang soup I was already dreaming of...
oya...what do you want in exchange?
(what happened to Naija sisterly love?? :mad: :mad: )

yes o! i spent six years of my life at Fgc IK. what year did your brother finish, do you know? i was done in 92/93.

niceone said:
Thick madam,hw much 'r u gonna pay for d recipes..u kno afang is a special soup :p .
oh u finished frm f.g.c!my broda finished frm i.k 2 and i hv alot of frnds thr.holla @y lata.


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aiight,u wanna kno wat i want in exchange...
i need d head of osama :roll

whch one exactly do u need ?dat of afang or edikiakong?[i wanna b sure]
my broda finished '94''...ogun river hse.


um, sista, your request is beyond me, but I have big brother Bush himself working to deliever that particular request. :D
abeg how soon can you give us the recipie? because i want to know if i can cook it tonight...or tomorrow...KAI!! my mouth is watering like no man's business!!!
oh ok, your brother was probably a set or two after me, might know my sisters though, two of them finished from IK too.


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vince said:
BigM always give me akamu and slice bread for breakfast :( !

For real. Akamu and Slice Bread!! And you dey complain. I'll give anything to get that O, well maybe not anything :imp

Kai that just reminds me of Akamu and correct hot Kosei(Akara) back in the daze..ummm


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na waya O, this thread don reach 3 pages now and na only abt 3 pple don share recipe..haba mallam...share now. Area fada .. I know say u get sometin to share, vince..u nko? :imp


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Efo riro

Too many derailers for dis site, i tire o :p

Blend peppers onions tomato,
heat up a little palm oil,
fry some chopped onions in it,
add blended peppers onions tomato,
add stock from meat previously boiled,
season to taste.
After about fifteen minutes, add cray fish, meat or whatever meat/fish you fancy, when it thickens up, add properly rinsed leaf/spinach/whatever kind of leafy veg you like. Some people cook lettuce and I've been told its quite nice but not tried it yet.
The joys of efo riro is you add as much or as little as you like to make a rich veg soup but the sauce has to dry out so you get mostly efo rather than lots of sauce and little efo.

You can eat with Iyan, Eba, Amala, Rice or whatever takes your fancy



Black Eye Peas
Tomatoes or tomatoe sauce.
Vegetable oil
Red Pepper
Red Onions
Salt and pepper to taste
Other seasonings you would like
Corned Beef (optional)
Hard boiled Eggs (optional)
Sardines (optional)

Soak your beans in warm water for 20 to 30 mins

Blend/whip it in blender for about 10 to 15 seconds (be careful, you don’t want to blend the beans completely with the skins on, just enough to loosen the skin for you)

Wash thoroughly (NOT WITH SOAP O!!! :D ) to remove the skins from the beans

When you are done washing and removing skins, blend beans with red pepper, red onions, and of course water, but don’t make it too watery.

Blend it to a smooth paste.

Add the blended tomatoes or tomatoe sauce (my cousin makes a dry stew and adds to this, I mostly just use tomatoe sauce), a few teaspoonfuls of vegetable oil, crayfish, seasonings, salt and pepper, and the other condiments you want and mix thoroughly.

You can either put in foil (allow enough room for it to rise) and place the foil packets in a pot of boiling water (not too much water, you want it to steam)

Keep on checking to make sure that you have not run out of water so that it doesn’t burn.

It may be done in 30-45 minutes depending on how many you have, but a sure way of checking is to test to see if it has solidified, or sticking a fork in it to see if it comes out clean.

You can pour the mixture in a pan and stick in oven at 350 degrees. When you stick a fork and it comes out clean, it’s done.

PLEASE WAIT FOR IT TO COOL A LITTLE FIRST BEFORE SERVING , eating it hot right out of the fire/oven might cause stomach ache or running stomach.

You can also make akara the same way, except you drop little scoops of the bean paste and condiment mixture without the corned beef/sardine and egg into the hot oil.
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