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American Idol

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I respectfully request the permission to post this special announcement


We don't have enough signed-ups to proceed with the petittion. We need to do it as a body. The NR Family.
We can bring RMD, OmoT, SDA Genny, Pete Edochie and the rest back as a unified body !
If you are not a hater, then I challenge you to sign-up today !

Where are all those who vouched for their fan sites ? we only have about 22 peeps signed-up.

Look for the thread and sign-up


olatoludipe said:
Why? because he got gray hair or what? Go and get your dictionary............ check for the world "TALENT"
Hes got no talent in my own books okay ........ If that is what you call Talent then it is totally Hideous.
Not open for further replies.