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nifesi said:
In her acceptance speech , she said something like she's being through a lot but she got to where she's at right now through hardwork. Single mother or not, we all agree she deserves to be the American Idol, now what remains to be seen is how she's going to handle her fame and I guess we all have to wait for that before we begin to say anything.

I personally think that she will be successful and I hope she has the right people around o so her career doesn't go the way of whitney houston's.
In a press conference she had right after the show, she mentioned that she is happy now that she will able to take care of her baby now becos before she had to borrow from pple and so on and so forth and her , I believe grandmother, had a daycare and she was able to take care of her daughter. I actually heard this one of the Atlanta radio stations. That was pretty deep sha, that she had to borow from pple. You can imagine. Also it was reported that she did not have a driver's license, never had a car but now she will be able to drive her mum and daughter around...

I must say that starting out I was not really a fan but after La Toya went off she kind of won me over and I could see what star qualities she possessed over La Toya.

She got me weeping last nite during her last performance. Just simply amazing. Whenever she performs it is as if she is not only singing but acting out the song. She's a triple threat indeed. Mary J. watch out girl.
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