An Ode To Wole Soyinka @70

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Head strewn with immaculate hair.........
Ladden with thoughts of a sage
Attained the age of three scores and ten
Moulded an avalanche of impressionable minds
Who drank from the theatre fountains of Ibadan and Ife
Under the tutelage of the Igilango Oyinbo
Who re-wrote a language never heard of by his forebearers
A hunter per excellence
Who traverses the lands of Ake
And the bushes of Ishara
In search of not only game
But the idealism and essence of life
Who never cringes at the feet of dictators
Or genuflect at the convoy of 'slave-drivers'
Who refuse to stay in the cocoon of the intelligantsia he belonged to
But dared the Evil minds in their domain

I say a million and one 'Happy Birthday' to this illustrous son of Naija, an 'ogidi omo' of the Black Race, its first Nobel Prize Winner in Literature!!!


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Kanu, Ex-NADECO Chief, Delivers Soyinka Lecture Today

This Day (Lagos)
July 13, 2004
Posted to the web July 13, 2004

By Godwin Haruna

Frontline member of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu (rtd), has been pencilled down to deliver Professor Wole Soyinka's 70th birthday lecture in Lagos.

The theme of the lecture is, "Nigeria: The Unfinished Business" and the session will be chaired by another democracy activist, General Alani Akinrinade (rtd).

These were made known at a press conference by Professor Olatunde Makanju of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), who said the lecture was being put together by the National Association of Seadogs (NAS).

Makanju, who is chairman of the organising committee of the lecture, disclosed that prominent Nigerians like Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) President and Professor Ayo Banjo, a former vice-chancellor of the University of Ibadan, have been invited as guests of honour at the event.

He used the opportunity to dispel insinuations that NAS was a secret society, adding that "the Original Seven had a vision and mission to constructively arrest the drift that was going to make the university a breeding ground and harbinger of negative trends that could affect the shaping of fertile minds, an ugly trend that was beginning to grow at the institution".

Makanju addressed the conference in company of some officials of NAS and emphasised the need for the government to enforce strictly the laws of the country against persons who commit murders on campus using confraternities as cover.

He said NAS was a duly registered organisation under Nigerian laws that conducts its activities and other philanthropic gestures openly throughout the world.

He lauded the contributions of Soyinka, who is one of the founders, to humanity for which he is being honoured with a yearly lecture on every July 13.


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Vince, may God dot your every step with His favours for those Wole Soyinka items you pasted under that thread. I coudn't but print out the whole - six in all!!!

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