Anchor Baby

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No, its okay to pitch something that's worth the noise. There's so much junk out there, its hard to see the good stuff. Just messing with ya...
Aawwwww bless. Bet I am going to pitch the fact that I'm bought a new silipas; rain water does not affect it at all and it looks very nize on mine feet; it's made from proper rubber; not that car tire one o!


thanks for the clarification.
Hey sorry I'm not involved with the film but I happen to know someone in the crew. By the way, the DP is a black guy when you check their website. That being said, I am certain the DVD is not out yet. @village, I agree with you 100% on the fact that story is king and that's what sells most great movies.
Someone told me that this movie was online yesterday and I went to their website Anchor Baby Movie | Home and it was true. I rented it for $4.99 and it was totally worth it. I read the earlier posts here from the people who watched it and this movie is no joke. I love the story due to its uniqueness. Omoni Oboli has finally proven to me that she is a very good actress.
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