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Anita Hogan and her nude pics

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I haven't seen the pictures, but from what I have read so far, it looks pretty bad. I hope and pray that she gets the strength and courage to pull through.
Nothing lasts forever.
courage ke? dem dey talk say when u put ur hand inside fire be prepared to feel the wrath....wat annoys me most is she first denied it why??

i dnt really think its her fault tho bt all she needs in my own point of view is to pray the damage has been done arrest or no arrest though i feel what youre saying goseiant it is bad bt no one is perfect so im nt gonna judge her at all


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ddizzle said:
courage ke? dem dey talk say when u put ur hand inside fire be prepared to feel the wrath....wat annoys me most is she first denied it why??

i dnt really think its her fault tho bt all she needs in my own point of view is to pray the damage has been done arrest or no arrest though i feel what youre saying goseiant it is bad bt no one is perfect so im nt gonna judge her at all

Anyway, I think she made some kind of mistakes:

1) If she had only one guy in her life, then i don't think there's going to be a confusing or something btw the both of them because they did it together.

2) If she has two Gs, i think that will be something else because she did it in secret.

Anyway, time will tell


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some comments i saw on Independentng.com

First of all I want to be blunt about this case. I got to know about it last week and I was shocked that somebody like Anita Hogan is involved in this rubbish. I don't know her in person but since "Gulder Ultimate Search 2", I have seen her as a star. She should come out and tell us the truth about the whole story, because there is something she hasn't told us. For her to have agreed to pose nude , there must be something in it for her and she must have done it willingly.

Who knows maybe she wanted to become a "Nollywood Big Gal" but this just caught up with her. I really feel sorry for her and her career. She should have known better. I hope she has learnt her lesson and that money is not everything. Most unmarried girls go after rich men without knowing the source of their money. They want to be noticed in the society. They want to drive "Jeeps and End of Discussion".

I hope she gets over it. I mean, how will she cope after this? because somehow I think the so-called fiancÈ will run away.I wish her the best of luck in her attempts to manage the situation

JOHN from Lagos
Your piece on Anita is very timely. Honestly, Anita needs help but she’s got to open up and answer all the questions you raised very truthfully. I nominate you as lead counselor for Anita’s rehabilitation. Well done.

Mr Lawson.
Please, devote more of your time to better issues, issues better and more worthy than this Anita issue.Has anybody wondered why and what she was doing at that kind of "location" at all? With a man who is not MAN enough to confirm the relationship she is claiming to have with him?

Knowing how sensitive it could be, is it in our culture to indulge in this filthy pastime in the name of civilization, insulting and assaulting our senses and sensibilities?Anita, her so-called fiancÈ and all those in the movie industry encouraging her, (I wonder how many of them will remain sane if their sisters, daughters or wives are found in that kind of TRADE) can go to hell and stay there.

Please, don't lose an unrepentant reader of yours (that's me) by wasting time on Anita. Walahi, I will commit suicide to register my protest if she was my sister (God forbid bad thing)

Lati Odusanya, Manchester.

Anita Hogan Should Go To Hell
You are really the bomb in realistic journalism. For crying out loud, what was Anita thinking posing nude for a white man whose intellectual capacity might not be bigger than the size of a peanut? I even read that she's got two degrees ! I read that she felt like committing suicide. My candid advice? She should live with the guilt.

I don't have any iota of sympathy for her for debasing African womanhood. My only regret is that she lost her pregnancy otherwise she should be ashamed of herself.Mind you,I am not against inter-racial relationships, but to pose nude for a white man is akin to strip-tease dancing, which is very un-Africa.

I live in the States here and that jungle-fever mentality no longer exist.
If you can reach her, tell her I said the Nigeria community in California is disappointed at her actions.

Danny Iyobhebhe

Thanks for the good work you are doing. I believe it’s too early to judge Anita’s behavior now for whatever reason(s) those pictures were taken until your proposed interview with the fiancÈ. But morally and ethically, it’s a disgrace to womanhood specifically and humanity in general. I bet you, it may not be far from monetary gains involved. Please ensure the interview is done to serve as deterrent to youths.

Keep it up.

Akin Odeniyi, Aba

Why Do We Have Men On Planet Earth?
This piece was contributed by a reader who I’m sure won’t mind working with Iran and Hezbollah to relocate men to God-knows-where? Her contacts are withheld as she requested.

Men are callous.They are so cruel that I keep wondering if they have hearts. They should be in another planet entirely.I doubt if we still have the good ones among them,but I am very certain that majority are devils. Especially those that look cool,they are fake.If I WERE GOD,I would judge men specially.The most annoying thing is that they act and sound sincere when asking a girl out but as soon as they get what they want, the same girl would be discarded while they go in search of the next victim. Why do we have them in this world? I wonder where they got their sugar coated tongues from. Anyway it is in the blood of every creature called man. Ladies beware .They can never be, at any time, trusted.How can a man ask a girl out , then walk her out of his life or even break the relationship simply because the girl refused have sex with him? When a girl gets pregnant outside wedlork,she suffers more or sometimes alone even though it takes two to ango.Sometimes the girl gets raped by the man who claims he loves her.At the end of the day, the girl is called a prostitute. It is very obvious that girls have suffered enough in the hands of these creatures called men.These guys must be taught a lesson never to be forgotten in the history of man lest more girls fall victim. Guys beware because that girl you are about to manipulate might just be me and of course I will make sure you pay dearly for it.


Let d smoke carry d point
In defence of Anita Hogan

By Reuben Abati
Readers of this newspaper may probably not know Anita Hogan, well let me not be presumptuous; but all the same, she is an actress, and one of the stars of the Gulder Ultimate Search, a promotional programme that takes place at the Obudu Cattle Ranch every year, aired on television and used by Nigerian Breweries Plc to engage its customers particularly young persons who are interested in games and adventure. In a sense, Anita Hogan could be taken as a sort of role model for younger persons, and her association with Nollywood, one of the good things to have come out of Nigeria, makes her a celebrity.

She has been a victim in the hands of a voyeuristic section of the Nigerian press in the past two weeks with the publication in an evening newspaper and a news magazine, of salacious pictures, showing her and her Caucasian boyfriend in the nude. Nothing was left to the imagination. Miss Hogan was put on display, and sold to the public with all her fundamental elements, warts and all, with only a strip of black ink, covering you-know-what, and not one photograph, but a full-page splash, in different poses. This has brought the young girl much agony, her lawyers have gone to court, her colleagues in Nollywood are supporting her and calling for the condemnation of this invasion of her privacy, this manipulation of her person for commercial purposes.

She herself has added that the publication was intended to malign her and lower her estimation in the eyes of right-thinking members of the community. She insists that the photographs were stolen from her personal computer which she had taken for repairs. She says although she granted the editors of the publication an interview, at no time did they inform her that they were in possession of her nude pictures, or seek her permission for publication. She adds: "Those publications were obscene, inglorious and repulsive...It was a callous and unwarranted sadistic affront on Nigerian womanhood." Miss Hogan became this eloquent and angry after according to certain reports she had broken down, spent some time in the hospital after the scandalisation of her person, and she reportedly lost a three-month old pregnancy. There have been different reactions to the scandal, but I suppose the more important area of inquiry ought to be the questions: What is news? Should newspaper invade the privacy of persons and cause them agony?

This is not the first time that these questions would present themselves for close consideration. It will be recalled indeed that a section of the Nigerian press now enjoys publishing pure pornography as news. There are all kinds of publications, available under the bridge at Ikeja Bus Stop: Better Lover, Romance, Super Action... which provide graphic details about how to make a woman swoon, which parts of a woman's anatomy can produce the best sensual response, how to satisfy a man in bed, how to woo a man and keep him forever, different sexual styles and their advantages...the only thing that keeps these publications going is that they sell like hot cake.

Vendors don't necessarily put them on display, but the readers of pornography know where to get the material. There are video cassettes and musical CDs too, with the most notorious being the Mapukka dance sequences in which girls with over-sized anatomical proportions wriggle their waists and twist their lips at the camera, gyrating and eliciting orgasmic fantasy. However, this trade in pornography in Nigeria has for long remained as a brewing underground sub-culture, a kind of fringe material. What is worrisome is its gradual emergence in the mainstream media. Last year, for example, the reading public had also been served the nude pictures of a young lady who was described as a student of the University of Port Harcourt, by a soft-sell publication, and that drew some controversy but that was nothing compared to the storm that the exploitation of Miss Hogan has now caused.

This time around, the editors of the publication are yet to rise in defence of their material. They probably should do so in a court of law, if Anita Hogan seeks to assert her rights, as she should. But the arguments that are often presented by defenders of pornography as journalism are as follows. One, it is argued that there is a big market for pornography in the Nigerian society. They point to the success and popularity of Better Lover and Romance, and that even in both soft sell and mainstream publications, there is a growing attempt to use sexuality-related materials to sell the publications particularly weekend titles which tend to use photographs of women in varying stages of undress, or which focus on items of women clothing or fashion as well as the introduction of columns on relationships and dating games.

They argue that what keeps cyber cafes profitable is the fact that many young men go to those centres to access pornographic sites. So, if the people want a particular material, shouldn't the newspaper respond to the trend and do business? After all, it is added, the editions of the particular publications in which Anita Hogan appeared in her birthday suit recorded enormous sales. Even now, persons are looking for the copies. Readers are not interested in the more important news in the publications but Anita Hogan's pictures! This may be true but should newspapers help to raise public taste, or try to go to the lowest depths in order to sell copies? Crass commercialism which produces a predilection for sensation, and dirt poses a major threat to journalism. Nigerian newspapers would lose respect if they descend to the level of Better Lover. I find the publications of Anita Hogan's nude pictures as well as similar pictures in the past distasteful. The media is a vehicle of values. Publishing the nude pictures of Anita Hogan serves no edifying purpose and if it does, I stand to be corrected. The motivation is simply the urge to sell copies.

The newspaper is read by young persons, by children, imagine copies of the publications being left on the dinner table and impressionable young kids chance upon the nude pictures of Anita Hogan. The voyeuristic editors insist that we are merely being prudish, and that we have a choice to turn the page, but I suppose if editors publish every material that shows up on their table, their newspapers could become a threat to public morality.

Second, our attention is drawn to the fact that in other societies, pornographic publications are allowed, and sold in the open. Yes, you could get a copy of Playboy on the counter and read it anywhere on the streets of America without being challenged. In some societies, there are sex shops and clubs for nudists: those are societies where life has been so rationalized that the boundaries of free speech have become elastic, but even then there are limits. In any case, this is not an argument. There are laws in Nigeria which forbid offensive publications, and the purveyance of pornography, and indecent material which can offend public taste. The only problem is that those laws are routinely observed in the breach and they are hardly ever enforced. Press freedom is important for the health of society no doubt, but pushing the naked body of an actress into people's faces as they return from work in the evening is somewhat sadistic. I dare say that the day the pictures were first published in an evening newspaper, one fellow nearly ran into another vehicle while struggling to get a copy. I bought a copy too, but only for reasons of professional interest. We are in the age of globalisation yes, but this should not translate into a blind imitation of everything that is done in other cultures. I admit that there is nudity in the African culture as well, after all in Swaziland, every year, half-clad nubile maidens parade themselves in front of the King in a special ceremony at which he picks a new member for his large harem. But where nudity is found in African traditions, it is never for commercial purposes, but for cultural purposes or for artistic reasons. What was published on Anita Hogan was not art, or journalism but ugliness.

The third defence, by the way is that it is journalism to the extent that Anita Hogan is a public figure and a role model and if she conducts herself in a manner that is unbecoming of her status, then the press has a right and a duty to expose her pretensions. It is the duty of the press, we are reminded, to hold public persons accountable. But is Anita Hogan really a public person? How do the nude pictures of a struggling actress have any impact on Nigeria's economy? It is not as if Miss Hogan is in charge of the treasury or using public funds to facilitate private dalliance? Even if she is a public figure, does she not have a right to express herself in the privacy of her bedroom?

The man in the pictures has been identified as her fiancZe. It is not as if she was into prostitution. Nor did she strip herself naked at a sex bar for monetary gain. She was merely expressing herself sexually and had taken those pictures not for commercial use. She is probably not alone in this regard. There are men and women who go about with similar pictures on their laptops and cell phones. Should the media intrude into this private zone and steal people's materials and publish without their consent? Miss Hogan insists that the material was stolen from her damaged laptop, and that an attempt had been made to blackmail her. Should media houses encourage theft and blackmail? How about her allegation that she was granted an interview but no one told her about existing nude pictures in wrong hands? If this is not the case, an explanation may be necessary.

The responsibility of the media should not include the right to take advantage of other persons, where in particular they have not erred. I don't care how Miss Hogan poses for her boyfriend. I don't see how the projection of her anatomy improves the circumstances of readers. Editors must know what to publish and what to leave out. When I buy a copy of the newspaper or weekly magazine, I want to read news of an edifying nature, not the bedroom preferences of a struggling actress. One caveat though: a likely gain from the Anita Hogan episode is that it will teach young ladies to be careful what they do in the bedroom with their boyfriends: if you allow your nudity to be captured on camera, and stored in a cell phone, a CD, or laptop, all in an attempt to please a man, if you throw caution to the winds, you never know how the material could escape, get into wrong hands and ultimately into the hands of a voyeuristic audience. Miss Hogan's parents certainly won't find those photographs funny. More so, as there are many men who are now looking for her for the wrong reasons.

(reuben abati is the CEO of the guardian)
ekpo sak ekpo(ibibio) !

i swear, dis story don tire me, ever since this story hit the public na so, so , different stories i dey read, some ppl just dey edit and write their own version, i no even know wetin to believe sef.... poor gurl!
and those ppl wey their mouf gud at condemning i wan believe say dem dey clean... sin na sin o, indoors or outdoors... so abeg, when una dey talk am make una sofri-sofri dey yarn! becos we neva see una own no make una betta ppl o!
and those ppl wey say she no get career, erm, she no get career, na how u come take know am? she no get career, why una dey talk about am?
When hear the way nigerians talk sometimes, you just wonder at our level of hypocrisy. It's truly sickening!
bless u ojare... the thing tire me too much, haba! wetin eyes neva see before, still dem no go allow man pikin hear word! u need to see the way some parents are taking the whole thing... Anita don becom jezebel o, dem no go skool go see wetin their daughters dey do for money.. na wa oh dis mouf sef na bad place e dey! if to say i be God, some ppl for don become dumb tey-tey!


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since no one can post the pics. i better get back to work
Wetin you wan still see for inside? at least the way wen people dey talk the thing, you yourself suppose know how the thing look like, we nor wan see am again. at least make everything die down like that, the more people dey see am, the more them go talk. Make Anita live her life the way she want am, no body get her life for her
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