At 80, I still Kneel To Greet My Spouse

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What would you say is the difference between being the wife of a baale and an oba?
Kabiyesi as baale was dealing with obas and this gave us an idea of what was expected of us when he was made an oba. There’s a wide difference between been wife of a baale and an olori. I now operate at a higher level looking at the duties I now handle. More responsibility is bestowed on me as an olori. As the mother of the people, I see to the welfare of the community while I’m expected to give everyone attention regardless of age or class. Again, I serve as a role model for women and the young ones, so I ensure whatever I do or say must be be that which will impact lives positively. I don’t have a time of my own. Whatever time I have is to ensure the palace is well run and the kingdom is peaceful through the support I give to kabiyesi.

What has changed about you since you took up your role?
In the past, I used to call him by the name of our children, but now, I address him as kabiyesi anywhere and at anytime. In addition to this, I now have to kneel down to greet him.

How old are you?
I would be 81 years this year

How easy do you find it kneeling at your age?
It’s not been easy, but I have to do it.

What other things have changed about you?
I now avoid open quarrel with people while my manner of dressing has changed. In the past, I might not be completely dressed up while at home. But now I have to.

Do you have a set rule guiding how you wear your hair?
No. I can plait, perm and set or do whatever I like with my hair so far it’s decent.

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