Blood On Fire

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Akamas is wooing Felicia . She appears to be the perfect woman and Akamas is even the envy of his good friend Ebuka. Seeing their relationships makes junior want his own perfect woman. He wants to get married. However Felicia isn’t the angel she appears to be and that soon becomes apparent when John loses his money in a bad deal and her attitude towards him changes completely. Ikenna has just found out that he is sickle cell anaemia sufferer and blames his parents for “bringing me into this world to suffer.” He becomes rebellious and violent towards his parents making their life a living hell.


The main theme in this movie was sickle cell anaemia. Zubby asks his uncle,

“How comes I have Sickle Cell? How comes they got married knowing the implications?”

He goes on to say,

“So they are the cause of my predicament. What sort of stupid love was that? They will suffer. They will feel the pain and failure”

What child would say that about their parents? The dialogue is not realistic at all. I can’t imagine someone getting sickle cell and suddenly behaving this way. It is completely inhumane. The movie feels like a public health announcement to scare people into not getting into relationships where their child could get sickle cell. Its smells of propoganda and it stinks. The dialogue is soooo fake to me and the way the message is attempting to be delivered over the top.

Dude takes a whip to whip his parents talking about,

“So you brought me into this world to suffer. How could you. How could you get married?”

He then proceeds to start whipping his parents. Breathe in breathe out. I don’t know how much more of this movie I can watch. Human emotions aren’t so black and white and the writers did a really bad job in injecting realism into this movie. Let me ask my readers this question. If you found out you were sickle cell tomorrow and tour parents were both carriers that married can you imagine suddenly hating them just like that and dedicating your own to making theirs a misery? Stupidity I tell ya!

When the son ends up in hospital again he refuses to talk to his parents deeming them the cause of all his problems. If you are born short sighted and need glasses will you beat and disown your parents because they both wear glasses and should have known better. This movie was written by an imbecile for real. Do people that write crap like this actually THINK before writing?

I would not recommend this movie. The story is stupid and simplistic. The two storylines do not tie in well. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what one storyline has to do with the other. Zubby Michael is a bad actor and annoying. Do yourself a favour and eat a tub of ice cream instead. I watched part 1 and then decided to save myself the aggravation. Please save yours too. Don’t say you were not warned. You have been warned!
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