'brainstorm' + Bts. A 'dji Ronin Gimbal' Short Film.


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Hi peeps, saw the BTS a while ago, shot on the DJI Ronin 3-axis gimbal that was announced at NAB 2014 - yup, the same DJI guys of the 'Phanthom' quadcopter fame.

Brainstorm (short promotional film)

Brainstorm BTS

Been looking into 3-axis gimbals and this does seem pretty awesome - especially the auto-tune function. This should come in at about $5000 - well much cheaper than the $15,000 MoVI that got us all excited - remember the MoVI threads? Here and here.

Hands-on DJI Ronin video

Having said all that, just over a year on from the MoVI, there is a mega-selling Chinese build-it-yourself gimbal out there for under $1000... Very tempting as the 'controller' 8-bit board has been upgraded to a 32-bit board, but balancing and tuning the PID settings for ALL these things is a biaaatch... *ahem* can be maddening.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the clips.


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They have cut the price down of the dji Ronin by $1,500...but it's still too rich for my blood..
And it weighs a ton at 4kg... load that with a large camera and hold it with arms outstretched... probably last 5 mins. There are some really good and cheaper gimbals out there.


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Thanks for posting these videos VB. I am intrigued not just by the amazing co-ordination into making this oner work but also how it suits the story properly.