Bruce Willis Wanted $1m A Day For 'expendables 3'

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Bruce Willis walked away from "The Expendables 3" because he wanted to be paid $1 million a day for four days work, The Hollywood Reporter said.

"Expendables" co-star and producer Sylvester Stallone announced via Twitter this week Harrison Ford would replace Willis in the third installment in the action-hero ensemble franchise.

Stallone didn't say why Willis had left the project, but he did describe him as "greedy and lazy" in a tweet.

The Hollywood Reporter said Willis was offered $3 million for four days of work shooting in Bulgaria.

"He said he'd drop out unless he got $4 million," a source close to the production told the entertainment industry trade newspaper.

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really? why the guy come dey do smesme now? was he any good in the movie?

meanwhile...have you checked your emails?
Father Willis (Mr. Church) is always good o! Even playing the funny cameos in both movies excites me and a bunch of other freak-fans, but between 4 Mill and 3 Mill to work for only four days? And he shakes head and walks away? Dude is completely insane, ho-ha! Say I like you no reach for dis one, abeg! You done craze, Bruce!

Eh, nne, sorry but I done check eMail and, thanks a lot!
The guy probably no wan do the film which is why he quoted that ridiculous price so he can get out of it, I mean when was the last time Bruce Willis opened a movie in the box office that he feels he can demand that kind of money? It's that or he really needs the money since wife number 2 is having another child and the other three he had with Demi Moore are still depending on him for the lifestyle they have.
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