CAM - May 12, 2007

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MAY 12, 2007

For those of you in the MD/DC/VA area and you are looking for a great event to support.. Then come support an event that is produced by Nenye Productions.. (I love her more because she is from my village :fam14: ) and it is for a very good cause! Please view the websites and if you have further questions, contact Nneye ... .. ..

Nollywood's Regina Askia will be honored at this event! For more information please check the following websites


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Now This Is What I'm Talking About!!

Talk about impressive!! This is mos def a winner!! This is exactly how African women are representing. It's so great to see that we're tooting our own horn the right way!! I wish I could make it. Perhaps you may want to think about starting a chapter in Miami?? Hintgrinning: grinning:


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:) Are u serious? Chai! I'm really happy for you. Oya, abeg point the room direction for me make I go listen :210:

I de u nko? Me and Mekus de make beautiful music here. Come close and press your ear for ur screen cause you will hear the :music-smi
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