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Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier

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Lame as ever 'hero'. Why would anyone pay attention to him a period/time that also features Iron Man? If they had kept on situating his story in the Hitler era, there would have been a little hope for it, but the way their going...SMH all the way to Dullsville.


as long as ironman is there, UK will not even pay attention to captain america. his ironman tshirt is completely worn out and captain america will only be considered if the other is in the laundry basket.


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Hang on... how many shots from 'Olympus Has Fallen' did they just copy directly without even hiding? And the Hollywood in-thing now is 'Bomb/smash/break London to hell'. Yeye people with their nonzenze spandex flag pyjamas hero lol.

Yup, gonna be dull and the UK will lap it up. We don mumufy for film here and Yankee says jump na we dey ask "How high?"
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