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Captain America: Winter Soldier + Bts

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This has just started here; not seen it... yet ;) (title typo - it's 'The Winter Soldier')

Official Trailer 1

Official trailer 2

BTS Video (16 mins B-Roll)


I for say make you carri me go, but dude is boring meeeeen. No oooomph.
I just want to see SL Jackson. I love that one eyed character and his eye jokes. lmaoooo
I read somewhere that the guy who plays Captain America is going to retire from movies. he wants to go behind the scenes, but he's contractually obligated to Marvel for 4 more movies or so.
I'm too lazy right now to go searching for the article please.


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It was fun, I enjoyed it... of course you have to like SLJ in it. Good action scenes too. Now waiting for Mon night - The Raid 2 ... bring it on!!


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The Raid was brilliant action movie-making. I look forward to the follow up too.
You should check out other movies by the director. I enjoyed Bunraku even before I knew he also did The Raid.
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