Captain Phillips - Trailer

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Looks good.

"When Hanks is good, he's great – and this new trailer for 'Captain Phillips' looks like it could be very much anchored in the latter camp.

Playing Captain Richard Phillips, it tells the true story of how armed Somali pirates took control of theMaersk Alabama container ship in 2009, the first time a ship registered under the US flag had been seized since the 19th century.

Four pirates boarded the ship, with Phillips trading himself for the safety of his crew, while a stand-off ensued between his captors and the US Navy.

It's directed by Paul Greengrass, the man behind both 'The Bourne Supremacy' and 'The Bourne Ultimatum', produced by the team behind 'The Social Network', and based on the book 'A Captain's Duty', by Phillips and Stephan Talty.
This footage looks breathless, and as we know from his devastating 'United 93', Greengrass can build tension like no one else.

A story of desperate people making desperate decisions, it's due out in the UK on October 18."

Culled from UK news. US people make una check una own release date!

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