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This movie brought me close to tears regarding what still happens in parts of Nigeria in the 21st century...enjoyed every bit of it...see as I'm bawling for nigerian!


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MW, thanks for the directions.

Planned to go to Alaba by the weekend..... Me and Idumota don't see eye to eye..... something bad always happens to me when I go there. I don't know where they sell movies in Ojuelegba and hey I'm not JJC oh.

You know, the marketers ought have the movie spreaded wide. I asked for the movie today at Computer village and the trader asked me "shey na American film?". I said no and he went around asking his fellows but noone of them had it.

Too bad.

Hopefully by weekend I must have a copy.


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Why is Bhiara Mcwizu delving into music!? This lady can act!! She's definetly the best actor the AMBO reality show has produced.

She did absolute justice to this role. OMG...!! I can see this movie over and over again oh.....

Bravo!! :fing02:


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The movie was simply fantastic and very unpredictable. I would like to see the lead actress in more roles in nollywood...... damn shez good


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awesome movie! the cindy girl blew my mind,left me speechless
.....the wande girl was sooo sweet
.clem ohameze big ups to you!
nonso diobi, good job cutie!


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They did a good job on that movie o, the story was so touching i cried the whole time because this is what ppl are going through in our beloved naija


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i am supposed 2 do my youth service by june & if i am gettin Cindy's Note msg correctly it says-- boy dnt influence dt postin o! let dem post u 2 anywher even if it is Zamfara go mke a difference. hmmm gud movie bt d msg is nt 4me biko! lol. d endin of d movie killed me- i am surprise i am alive :).
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