Cooking With The Induction Technology

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While this is not a new tech, it is now a more accessible one. In the past, the appliances using this tech have been prohibitively priced and were only affordable to the well oiled of the society, but not anymore.
The cookers are still expensive, no doubt, but more affordable appliances are now available to buy for folks like us. These appliances are the single and double hot plates, which are mostly in the sub 300 euros regions. Even those around the 300 mark are the luxury ones. Very good ones are between 100 and 200 range.

1)Induction appliances cook fast, faster than any other heating method(safe for, maybe, gas).
2)Safe(No flame) - Very low heat emission, thus danger of being burned is minimal.

3) No glowing hot plates ala electric, halogen and ceramic cookers, therefore very comfortable to use.

4)Very safety feature like automatically switching off when no pot or pan is placed on it. Doesn't work without something on it.

5)Most important advantage is that induction saves you up to 60% in kitchen electricity bills.


1) Quite sensitive tech, so attentive reading of the manuals is necessary. There are a host of safety precautions to follow.

2) Special pots and pans are needed. Not all pots and pans are usable. Only pots/pans with magnetic bottoms are induction capable.

Induction cookers are now selling like hot cake now it is available to the general public at very affordable prices. So, my people, if you haven't got one yet, then go get one. You'd love cooking with one of these beauts.

Some images;
Single Hotplate(Burner)
Caso Slimline_2000_Induktionskochfeld.jpg

Double Hotplate(Burner)


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