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Create Your Own Movie With The Stars

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love dont cost a thing:

chioma akpotha
genny nnaji


liz benson
patience ozokwor

beauty shop
stephanie okereke
kate henshaw


Reaching above and beyond
Make una catch your greetings...

This is so funny... I haven't laughed so much in so long.

I throw-wey salute-oh! and :bow: to the masters.

but me, i like dessy's crooked teeth oh?


Life, Love & Happiness
TipDrill - starring Empress Njamah
Chorus:It must be the _________ cos it aint yo face
i need a tip drill - i need a tip drill sweat: sweat:
Funny comments, you wont find it funny especially with bleaching creams, people who use this stuff must avoid the sun otherwise face the consequences of being sun burnt 4 life
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