Dating Your Best Friend's Ex

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By Blessing Ukemena

The short answer to the question of whether or not you should date your best friend's ex is a simple 'No'. But then, love is anything but simple. There are times when love (the good love) comes from unpredictable angles.

There have been stories when a girl dating guy 'A' would end up marrying guy 'B'. It cannot be helped sometimes, but that does not exactly mean that it is okay to date your friend's ex. Although they may not be dating each other, the person may feel stabbed in the back if her ex-boyfriend is now dating her best friend and vice versa.

Like the case of Funmi and Deji; they were dating for about six months and they soon found out that they were not meant to be together. Unknown to Funmi, Deji had his eyes for her friend, Biola. Biola and Funmi were very close, but three months after the breakup, Funmi found out that Deji and Biola were dating and she became furious.

A fight broke out between the two friends with Funmi hurling obscenities at Biola. Biola tried to explain to her friend Funmi about the situation, but Funmi only saw Biola as the real cause of her breakup with Deji and thus their friendship ended as well.

Thus, the best thing is to stay away from your friend's ex, especially if you are very close because it can get quite uneasy for your friend to see you with her ex. So, this is uneasy ground to tread. Just in case you are caught in this situation, here are some tips you should keep in mind

Nigerians dont care oh they have no moral compass they will do it and not feel bad at all !!


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Moral compass? Are you kidding me here, OB? In this day and age when women are looking for partners as if their lives depend on them, you think moral would stop them from dating free and unattached men just because they recently dated their best friends and broke up? I don't think so. If he's free, he is open to dating. Full stop. Moral compass has nothing to do with it.
Nigerians dont care oh they have no moral compass they will do it and not feel bad at all !!


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Hmmm...this thing called "My Best Friend". I don't know o.
On a serious note, IF this would happen to me (in the sense of he is my ex), I would probably feel funny about it, but since he is my EX, he is free to date anyone he likes. There are many factors that surround stuffs like that. I mean, how we broke up? How many months, weeks days ago we had broken up.
I would probably be pissed, IF we broke up like yesterday and today you're with my "Best Friend" - WTH? :laugh:
Life is too short, if it didn't work out with us, it might work out with my "best friend", so why not. Some people say it's not right but then again, who am I to dictate who he or she should date or not date. As long as I am over him, I believe that it is okay to date. Now it is really up to her, if she feels it is right or not.
At the end of the day, they will go along with their guts and do what they think is right for them.
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