Days Of Gloom

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Chioma Chukwuka
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We are presented with newspaper headlines of the religious rioting in Jos in the opening scene. We see a man is awoken by terrible nightmares about Jos being on fire. He fears for his brother Thaddeus who lives in Jos as his wife attempts to reassure him. He is not on good terms with his family which is a major concern for him at a time like this. His children Nnenna played by Chioma Chukwuka, Nnamdi played by John Dumelo and Izuchukwu played Ken Erics are in the dark about exactly why relations are strained with their extended family. With the arrival of Thaddeus in their family home it soon becomes clear where the problem started.

We learn that the reason behind all the bad blood is between the brothers is because of the fact that Ethelbert’s mother married a second wife which was Thaddeus’ mother. He said that as soon as Thaddeus’ mother came into the picture his father turned against him and mistreated him because he now hated his mother and as a result a family rift began. I never hear cheerful stories of polygamy. There is always bad feeling, jealousy and feelings of mistreatment. What are your own feelings about polygamy? Are you from a polygamous family? Do you know anyone from a polygamous family? What have been your observations? Do you think that there is a place for polygamy is today’s society?

I would recommend this movie. Good solid actors were cast with good performances. The storyline was good and brought up relevant issues.

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