Difference between a 'woman' and a 'wife'....

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i have no problem with this if the man is not able and she is, then why not? theyre supposed to be a unit, a family. if she can carry the family while her husband cannot, then go for it sister with your strong self.
a man should be able to help his wife with washing dishes if she cannot get to them, or throwing laundry in the machine if she is stuck at work and he is sitting home with no job. but if she is able to do all that when she comes home and it works for their family, then *clap, clap* for the woman.
but no man should ever, ever lay his hands on a woman.

and if she wants an abortion, why stop her? you don't know where it is paining her or what her life is like or if she can love the baby. her being 32 doesnt mean anything.
40+ year old women can, and are, having babies.
First: I am one to SUPPORT any woman who has to carry the family THROUGH a trying time TM. marriage is a PARTNERSHIP! I don't think I have ever personally insinuated that I would marry a ready-made millionaire! I believe in building a home TOGETHER!
Both parties would have to LIFT the other up at one point in time in the marriage! Perhaps I should have elaborated by giving you more info. That this dude is JOBLESS!! ALWAYS expecting "some money"! But in the meantime, he never forgets to collect her money to go shack with the boys! And of course! He is cheating on her!!!

2. This last beating the landed her in hospital, she said dude was drunk! And he beat her almost to unconsciousness IN FRONT OF HER 7 year old kid!! (not his kid)!! You know how scarred that kid is now for life?? And this is not the first beating!

3. So, when she told me she is having an abortion I should have started clapping for her????? I did what a friend would do! I asked her IF SHE IS SURE SHE WANNA DO THAT! She said yes! And I left her with "think more about this!" . I am a woman, and I understand that if I was in her shoes, and leaving such a marriage with pains, hurt and bad memories, I probably would NOT want a child that would be a constant REMINDER of the monster I was married to! And i am not a supporter of abortion! There are couples who would be blessed with adopting such a kid anyway! And so many great men and women today could have been aborted fetuses if their mothers did not make the ultimate sacrifice of giving birth to them, and even leaving them in foster system or adoption. #JustSaying!

4. It has NOTHING to do with age, after all I am 40! And I don't see myself panicking about babies, because I have seen a 51 year old give birth recently! And of course, there are other options to having bigger kids.


..still The Drama Queen!
Sis, wetin I know be say Love is stronger than pride...and love is also blind. Love will make you do all those things you've sworn never to ever do for a man in your life. Unless if na fake love. If you really really fall in love, if the man tell you to chop deti from the gutter, you go chop am. me I've seen some women do some very very scary things for their man with these my 2 eyes.
Sweetheart, LOVE DON HURT! And love that is one-sided is shit! Sodiafore, if you love a man and the man loves you right back, he WILL NOT TELL YOU TO EAT DETI FROM THE GUTTER! QED! Abi? because he knows that even if you mumuly eat it and get sick, shebi he has to be there to take care of you? And na money hin go spend for treatment! lol. So, he would be hurting himself too!

Sure, some or all of us have done some crazy shit when it comes to love when younger!....but isnt that where people GROW UP and learn from their mistakes!?

I will tell you this from my personal experience, love alone will NOT keep a marriage intact! It is a whole new university! In fact the love GROWS more maturedly IN THE MARRIAGE! This is no longer the situation you can pick up your bag and walk away from a boyfriend or girlfriend when they piss you off! lolol.
Now, there is a contract/covenant/vows! So, a whole lot of other things come in to mix with the love. Because you are stuck with each other, unless you go the divorce route! Before then, no bag-walking-out-the-door-O! lol
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