Distance Between

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Rita Dominic - Preye
Kalu Ikeagwu - Ike
Yemi Blaq - Akin
Mercy Johnson - Mosun
Ashley Nwosu - Mr Taylor
Kassandra Odita - Mrs Taylor

Mercy Johnson plays a woman called Mosun and Rita Dominic plays a woman called Preye. They are best friends from childhood into adulthood. Both have suffered from childhood sexual abuse which affects them in their present day relationships. The film effectively conveys the two polar opposite effects of sexual abuse. The promiscuous and the frigid.

I would definitely recommend this film! The film was a joy to watch. The sound was perfect and the style of the whole film was very arty. The main four played their roles fantastically and there is no one in the supporting cast that I could find fault with. The treatment of the abuse/incest was sensitively handled and the complexities of friendship explored.

For a more in depth review:

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I just picked this one up and an original copy of Divine Love as well! :nature-sm

BTW, nice blog BeautiFull :rose:


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Good flick! :glasses My only gripe with the film is that like many Nollywood films of late, it feels very much like a soap opera, which in my opinion can begin to reflect negatively on the industry.

Nollywood, please, slow down on these relationship titles and be more creative with the subject matter! :fing04:

Let’s make movies again. ;)


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nice movie,love it,but why did they have to show the tempons like that, Gosh i was eating for GOD sake,yah we know she cant have children,but do you have to show that? aba anyway good movie, this things happen and people has different way of dealing with it,some get adicted to sex,others afraid of having it,it a good thing they are making movies of family members sleeping with young kids, so people will pay more attention to their kids. alot of children go through this everyday but cant tell anyone and its sad when grown MEN do this to kids


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Just watched this movie and it was indeed superb. The four principal actors delivered. Sound was tight. Loved the background music. The story was worth telling and the characters delivered.

What was April and the guy that stole Preye's car doing together and all that talk about getting rid of him and then nothing happens.

After giving birth Preye is seen tickling Mosun's stomach in the hospital and she did not react like a woman who had just giving birth. I expected that her stomach would be sensitive to touch

TM come see ya man KI
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!* Me screaming in ecstacy* :yellow::2pephula:

What!!! What!!! Izu Ojukwu, will u marry me? Pleaaase? Abeg now? What? This movie is sexy, yet complex, deep, yet accessible. It is not simplistic, its not linear, but it did not lose me. In fact, it kept me glued to the set from beginning to end. I have to give Izu Ojukwu a standing :action-sm This is waaay, waaaay, waaaay above Idumota standard. Waaaay above!!

So what did I love - the acting for one - Mercy , Rita, Kalu and Yemi gave performances with depth. Not just noise, but depth. It was all very nuanced - you could see the emotions in the faces - lust, despair, anger, fear. Meeeen!! I loved the complexity of these characters. It was not just bad people doing bad things, it was good people too. You rooted for a character, then you found out what they had done, and you were then emotionally confused. Ooooooh, I love this movie. Loooooove it. I cannot believe that we are making noise about Reloaded when Distance between is there. What!!!

The sexy Kalu is back!! And Yemi gave a complicated performance - good guy, bad guy, complex guy!! Mercy - that girl, I swear, fantastic. And Rita was a natural as a femme fatale. Although I thought the change after marriage was a little abrupt and unexpected. And the flashbacks were so beautiful, dripping with meaning, even if much was not said. The teenage girls - very well done!! And even if the dressing did not fit the period, it was shot in such a way that it looked and felt like the distant past. Izu took his time on this one.

It was not perfect of course - there were some problems with the sound editing, at least in my copy, but it did not ruin it. Picture quality was very nice, I already talked about the acting - the only weak link was Kalu's fiance. She was tryihg too hard on the ajebutter gf thing. But the four main characters held my attention from beginning to end.

And it was totally unpredictable. Totally. Some things happened and I was like - what? Really? Wow! What is gonna happen next? I really likey.

The major flaw, I think, is that they wimped out at the end. Izuuuu, that ending was too anticlimactic, too easy ojare. I was actually disappointed by it. I wanted a little more meat and bones on that ending. You don't build that kind of suspence and then end it like that now! Ah!!

And then there were too many questions unanswered - and there were a few subplots that were not followed through. Of all of them though, the one that bothered me the most was that the core issue of sexual abuse was never really dealt with. I don't want to reveal the story, but there was no real confrontation or resolution there. That could have been fleshed out a little more. Or perhaps another movie? I cannot think of too many Naija movies that left me wanting more, but this one did. Ooooh, how it did. Its not a movie for kids o, lot of bed hopping, although it is not as scandalous as 30days. Its funny that I have just watched a mini soap by Izu Ojukwu, and I feel like I have watched something really deep and important. You can feel the intelligence in the crafting of this one.

One more thing though: There is a slowness and a deliberateness about Izu's movies that may not play well with many Naija movie lovers. I think many people watch the movie for the drama, the confrontation, the theatrical nature of our productions. This is more restrained. Its a whole different feel, but I was loving it all the way.

This is officially my favorite movie this year.

Highly recommended.


If I gave Reloaded 8.5, with VV, this one deserves a much higher grade. I did not put it in my over 10 category because of the ending. It was just to wimpy for moi.




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I just bought this movie last week but when I tried to watch it it kept skipping. I think these people rent out the movies before they sell them


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My cousin came visiting and wanted to see this flick so I decided to watch it with her........

I didn't review after watching it the first time because, there was just something about it that I couldn''t place! This flick is DEEP!! Ah!
I think Ms Funmo has said it all, so there's not much to add. I like the way that I couldn't predict it and I just couldnt wait to see-WHAT NEXT?

Rita, Mercy, Kalu and Yemi have such beautiful on-screen chemistry, I could watch them all day! And need I say, each of them was absolutely a delight to watch in their different roles.

Ms Funmo and Madam NTB have mentioned the flaws I observed, so I won't go back there.

All in all-a very different storyline. Has depth and finesse.

Weldone to the cast and crew.:fing05:

Ermm...... 9/10?


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i didnt like this movie just because like someone said it was tooo soap operayyy i felt i was watching days of our lives or something. They pushed too many subplots into the movie without really exploring them it was just too haphazard and then rushed in the end. mtew


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Loved this movie. There were some issues not resolved but it was still a great watch. The 4 main actors blew me away even Yemi Blaq. He is getting better with showing emotions and hope he keeps it that way. Rita and Mercy where WOW! and KI did his thing. Compared to all the crap coming out, this one was definately a good watch!!


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Just finished this movie.... all I got to say is God bless Remi!, God bless Izu!, God bless Rita!, God bless Mercy!, God bless Yemi!, God bless Kalu!,... cause they were all magnificent. Yes there are few flaws but I enjoyed this movie to its end. :fing02:


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i didnt like this movie just because like someone said it was tooo soap operayyy i felt i was watching days of our lives or something. They pushed too many subplots into the movie without really exploring them it was just too haphazard and then rushed in the end. mtew
Bigmomma, by now you should be used to Nollywood. The industry is full of soap opraish movies.

But I will watch this one just because of Izu.


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9/10?? That's stretching it! The storyline is good (I like the theme). The picture is good but I have issues with how Izu portrays Mosun's house as if NEPA always took light each time they shot her house scene; too many dark scenes but I get the point they are trying to make.

The editing is average and Izu did just a little above average directing the movie and I'll tell you why: I heard Izu's voice during the movie telling Rita to do something to the baby -even Rita look di camera when he said dat- and I also hear him in some other scene that I thought somebody was on my computer interfering. Being that Izu is a top notch director I expected something different. I at least expected him to prove Vince right about him being on par with TK. I didn't see that.

Even though I like the story I just don't like the outlier scenes. For example, what's the point of the hired killer scene? Perhaps he's coming out with part 3 and 4! We know that Rita and her concubine got married but we don't know what happened to Akin (or I did miss that part?). And why is the movie told from Rita's point of view?

I get the point of the movie and that's all that matters at this point
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