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Harvard University will pay Tuition

Shortcut to: Harvard announces sweeping middle-income initiative — The Harvard University Gazette

> Harvard University announced over the weekend that from now
> on undergraduate students from low-income families will pay no
> tuition. In making the announcement, Harvard's president Lawrence
> H. Summers said, 'When only 10 percent of the students in Elite higher
> education come from families in lower half of the income distribution, we
> are not doing enough. We are not doing enough in bringing elite higher
> education to the lower half of the income distribution.'
> If you know of a family earning less than $ 60,000 a year
> with an honor student graduating from high school soon, Harvard
> University wants to pay the tuition. The prestigious university recently
> announced that from now on undergraduate students from low-income families can
> go to Harvard for tuition and no student loans!
> To find out more about Harvard offering free tuition for
> families making less than $ 6 0,000 a year visit Harvard's financial
> aid website at:
> Harvard College Financial Aid Office
> <> ; or
> call the school's financial aid office at (617) 495-1581.

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FAMU: Scholarship for African American Women

Florida A & M University is providing an outstanding opportunity for
Black women entering college in the fall of 2009. It is designed to
address their absence in the field of computer technology. Dr. Jason
Black is the Principal Investigator of a recently awarded $552,000 NSF
Grant entitled African-American Women in Computer Science. The grant
provides scholarships from $4000 to $10,000 per year for female African
American students.

We need your help to get the word out about this great opportunity to
build back up the enrollment of women in the CIS Department. Pass this
information along to high school or community college students, their
parents, and to guidance counselors you may know.The full text of the
press release can be found at

News Headlines - Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University 2008
<News Headlines - Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University 2008
<> > .

You can also contact Dr. Black by email at
<> .

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Tina Turner in concert!


Limited Number of 400 Level Seats

$50.00 per tickets

(Regularly $59.50 + service charges)


payment due upon order!


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FAA Hiring

FAA Hiring Notice

If you have or know kids between the ages of 18-31 with a high school diploma, the Federal Aviation Association is taking applications for air traffic controller school. We all have kids and know kids in the right age group (under 31) and with some effort they could reach a salary of over $100,000 with benefits in about 3 years! . You! need only a high school diploma to apply and credit is given for college on the exam. They need to go to Air Traffic Controller for details and to fill out the application immediately - even if they don't know if! they'd want to attend immediately - it's the federal government and it may take them months to call.

The key is to apply NOW.
There will be a lot of retirements coming up rather quickly and they need! to line up training to accommodate these openings. It's my understanding that the FAA rarely has an open application such as this and that the jobs are coveted. The person who shared this has a 28 year old daughter who is well into 6 figures and has plenty of time for travel/recreation and has started another career on the side. This is a great opportunity and it should be noted that choosing a site like Anchorage or Indianapolis to train is a likely acceptance into the training program - after-which you can transfer anywhere in the country that has a tower. I hope you pass this information o! n to family, friends, etc.

This e-mail is intended solely for the above-mentioned recipient(s) and it may contain confidential or privileged information. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the e-mail. You must not copy, distribute, disclose, store or take any action in reliance on it.. Neither this information block, the typed name of the sender, nor anything else in this message is intended to constitute an electronic signature unless a specific statement to the contrary is included in this message.


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USTTI Curriculum - 97 tuition-free courses, including new training on Women's Leaders

USTTI Curriculum - 97 tuition-free courses, including new training on Women's Leadership

The USTTI is pleased to announce that its complete 2009 curriculum is now available online. For 2009 USTTI is offering 97 tuition-free courses, with new training on Women's Leadership (Course:127) and expanded Broadcast offerings (Course List ( All candidates should apply as soon as possible to ensure adequate time for entry visa and funding procurement.

Review the 2009 curriculum ( and apply today!

To subscribe:List Signup

Our address:
1150 Connecticut Avenue, NW | Suite 702 | Washington, District of Columbia


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Africana Research Call for Papers

Call for Papers:

The 2nd Annual Africana Research Conference: "Critical Perspectives: Exploring African Diasporic Communities"

Organized by the Black Graduate Student Association in collaboration with Interdisciplinary Studies Department of Claremont Graduate University

To be held on April 3rd, 2009, at Claremont Graduate University.

This conference is an opportunity for graduate and advanced undergraduate students to share the research they have completed for coursework or outside of school relating to Africa, her inhabitants, and her descendants in the African Diaspora. It will provide a space for networking among students, researchers, and local and international development professionals.

Conference Features:

-Speeches from prominent academics and practitioners including renowned author and professor Dr. Kumea Shorter-Gooden
-Social and networking lunch and Continental breakfast
-Information tables from organizations/ non-profits serving African Diasporic communities

Conference proposals:

Proposals should demonstrate how your research relates to Critical Perspectives: Exploring African Diasporic Communities. Proposals can be based on past, present or future research. Accepted proposals will be grouped into thematic sessions. Submit your proposal to BGSA at by 13 February, 2009 titled "BGSA Africana Research Conference".

Proposals can be sent in the following formats:

Paper Presentation: Submit an abstract (maximum 300 words).
Posters: Submit an abstract (max. 300 words) describing the poster's subject matter. Creative forms of "poster" presentation are welcome.

Alternative formats/artwork/ performance: Submit a description (max. 300 words) of your idea and its relevance to the conference theme. Submissions in this category will be considered within our criteria of time, space, and available equipment.

For further information or questions, please contact us at

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Nursing Program/free tuition

If you know of anyone between 18-28 years old, interested in the Nursing field, University of the District of Columbia (UDC) is offering FREE tuition, FREE books, a $250 monthly stipend, and guaranteed job placement as a nurse at Providence Hospital upon graduation (it's a 3 year program) with a starting salary of $40,000. The program is recruiting new students now!!

Please contact Ms. Beshon Smith (202) 266-5481
or Email


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IMHOTEP at Morehouse College

Project: IMHOTEP is a program sponsored by Morehouse College Public Health Sciences Institute (PHSI) in cooperative agreement with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). It is designed for underrepresented minority students who are interested in pursuing careers in public health, with particular focus in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Occupational Safety & Health. For more information visit: Morehouse College and look under Events for Project IMHOTEP



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Western Union Cash for Education Contest

Western Union supports education in the African Community

Western Union is committed to supporting education in communities we serve. This year, the Western Union Foundation through the Our World, Our FamilySM program has allocated $1.5 million in support of diverse causes that include building schools and libraries in Kenya and training for teachers in Nigeria. As part of our efforts to advance education in the African immigrant community here in the U.S., we're conducting the Cash for Education Competition. To enter the competition, students must submit a resume and an essay about "Staying Connected to Africa through Western Union" by February 15, 2009. Western Union Cash for Education Competition



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2009 summer programs for high school students


FREE!! MIT announces its MITES Program, (Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science), a challenging 6 week summer program that prepares promising rising seniors for careers in engineering and science. If you are selected, all educational, housing, meals and activity costs are covered. You must, however, pay for your own transportation to and from MIT. To apply, go to Coming Soon Deadline is Feb. 2.

GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Science & Engineering Apprenticeship program (summer) - Applications due: Feb. 27, 2009 - This program places academically talented H.S. students (at least 16 yrs old, sophomores/ juniors) with interest in science & math in Dept. of Defense laboratories= 2 0for an 8-wk period over the summer. This is an invaluable experience in the world of scientific research, with hands-on exposure to scientific & engineering practices not available in the HS environment. It is a paid apprenticeship ($2,000) and the students are assigned a scientist or engineer as their mentor. To apply online or get more information about the program: Students must submit their transcript (minimum GPA 3.0) and teacher recommendation to the program director for consideration and daily transportation is the student's responsibility. Program runs from June 22 - August 14, 2009.

FREE!! Princeton University announces its Summer Journalism Program for low-income sophomores or juniors with at least a 3.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) who have an interest in journalism. The cost is free including travel costs to and from Princeton! Apply now! Go to Summer Journalism Program: The Princeton University Summer Journalism Program Deadline is Jan. 23.

FREE!! The National Center for Health Marketing's Global Health Odyssey Museum is pleased to offer the 2009 CDC Disease Detective Camp (DDC). DDC is an academic day camp for students who will be high school juniors and seniors during the 2009-201020school year. Campers will take on the roles of disease detectives and learn how CDC safeguards the nation's health. The camp will be offered twice from June 22-26 and July 13-17. For more info and to apply to go CDC - Global Health Odyssey Museum - Disease Detective Camp. Deadline is April 20.

FREE!! The American Legion sponsors a week-long summer leadership program called Boys State. This year's program will be held at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland from June 21-27. If you are a junior interested in a leadership opportunity see your guidance counselor right away for more information.

The Leadership Center at Morehouse College presents the 2009 Coca-Cola Pre-College Leadership Program. There are 2 programs, one for male students completing their sophomore or junior year, and the other for male students completing their senior year. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale). The curriculum focuses on personal and interpersonal leadership skills. The program runs from June 20 to June 26. The cost is $400.00 and the application deadline is February 20. To apply, go to Application access is listed under "Events at the Leadership Center."

NASA sponsors the National Space Club Scholars Program, a 6 week summer internship at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. It is open to students who will be 16 years old and have completed the 10th grade by June 2009, have demonstrated high academic success, and have an interest in space science or engineering as a career. Applicants must be U.S. citizens. Applications are available in the Career Center or online at Apply now! The application must be postmarked by February 17, 2009.

University of Maryland, College Park: Women in Engineering, E2@UMD, July 12-18 or July 19-25; rising juniors and seniors. Go to or call 301-405-3283

University of Maryland Young Scholars Program targets rising juniors and seniors who have a strong academic record and a desire to excel to experience college life while earning three academic credits. 14 courses are offered for three weeks from July 12 – 31, 2009. Visit Summer Term - Office of Extended Studies

CITY YEAR, WASHINGTON DC (Americorps) - Graduating seniors who are not sure what they want to do after high school should consider applying for a paid community service position with City Year, Washington, DC., a group of 17-24 year old committed to full-time service for ten months in the Washington, DC community. Benefits include: living stipend ($200 per week), health care coverage, free metro pass, and $4,725 educational scholarship. For more info: City Year. give a year. change the world. or email: cmurphy@cityyear. org/dc or call: 202-776-7780, Amanda Seligman. Recruitment open houses will be held once a month at their headquarters: 918 U Street, NW, 2nd floor, Washington, DC 20001.

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Comrades, a great opportunity for our girls!

Let's start them young. This program also builds self-esteem...they do not need to be interested in politics to be chosen to attend!

COST: The program is entirely FREE of charge, and travel scholarships are available to sophomores, juniors and seniors!

Running Start is accepting applications for their 2009 Young Woman's Political Leadership Retreat. Please share with teachers and encourage any high school girls you know to apply!!!

WHAT: Running Start encourages high school girls from across the country to channel their leadership into politics. Participants will meet extraordinary women leaders of diverse backgrounds and learn the importance of having more women in political leadership and running for office. EVEN if the girls are not interested in politics, this is a great program way for them to build self-esteem, practice public speaking and learn to collaborate with other young women.

WHO: Open to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school

WHERE: American University, Washington D.C.

WHEN: July 15-19, 2009 (no applications will be accepted after February 16, 2009)

COST: The program is entirely FREE of charge, and travel scholarships are available.

APPLY ONLINE: Political Leadership Program - Running Start

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The Robert A. Catlin/David W. Long Memorial Scholarship

DEADLINE: Friday, February 13, 2009 @ 5:00 PM EST
SCHOLARSHIP: Named after committed planners and long-standing members of the Planning and the Black Community Division, The Robert A. Catlin/David W. Long Memorial Scholarship was created to foster increased interest among Black students in the field of urban planning. The $2,500 scholarship will be awarded to one student on a competitive basis to cover costs associated with the pursuit of graduate studies.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: The scholarship is available to:
• Black undergraduate students, currently applying to or who have been accepted into an urban planning program for graduate studies;
• Black graduate students, majoring in urban planning or a related field (geography, environmental studies, urban studies, urban policy etc.)

1) See attached PBCD scholarship application and announcement
2) Students who satisfy all of the above criteria can also obtain applications from PBCD representatives or by visiting:

All application materials must be received via email by 5:00pm EST, Friday, February 13, 2009

A review committee comprised of members of the division shall review applications and select a recipient. The anticipated notification date is February 27, 2009. The scholarship recipient will also be honored at the Planning and the Black Community scholarship event that takes place during the National APA Conference.

Fore more information, contact: Eric D. Shaw, Vice Chairperson of Policy at

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Free MBA from Wake Forest University - URGENT!!


I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity here at Wake Forest where you can get a FREE education and get PAID while you're doing it. Our Dean of the Schools of Business is the former CEO of PepsiCo and very committed to diversity. He's gone around to his CEO friends, who have agreed to donate a bunch of money to pay tuition and fees, provide a stipend, and a job, to diverse students. The details are below. The problem is, response to the program has been dismal! It's hard for me to believe in the age of Obama, we can't pay black people to go to school? As a faculty member, I would be embarrassed for him to have to tell his CEO friends, "thanks so much for your donation, but unfortunately I have to give it back because we couldn't find any students who wanted it."

So, I need your help. Please contact me if you, or ANYONE you know is interested in the program. I know TO has a long reach, and I want to take advantage of it and help out as many young scholars as I can.

Don't worry about whether or not you (or they) have taken the GMAT, etc. All you need to do at this point is JUST APPLY. In business, you have to act when the opportunity is presented, and that is now.

Derrick S. Boone, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marketing
Room 3139 Worrell Professional Center
Babcock Graduate School of Management
Wake Forest University
1834 Wake Forest Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27109-8758
p 336.758.4475
f 336.758.4514


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White House Spring Internships

President Obama needs a few good people for the White House Spring Internships. Please note the deadline.

We are pleased to announce that the application for the 2010 Spring Internship is now available at Applications are due September 20, 2009. The application includes two essays, three letters of recommendation and a resume. Each applicant will be evaluated on three basic qualities: a commitment to public service, demonstration of leadership in the community and dedication to the mission of this Administration. The applicant’s communication, writing and office skills will also be reviewed and considered. An applicant’s GPA is not figured into the final score, and each application is reviewed on a semi-blind basis.

If you know of someone who would like to apply, please direct them to this site. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Rachel Haltom @ or reference our web site at


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USDOS Accepting applications for the 2011 Fall Student Internship Program

The U.S. Department of State is pleased to inform you that we are accepting applications for the U.S. Department of State's 2011 Fall Student Internship Program.

Click here (Programs - U.S. Department of State and click on Student Internships under Undergraduate or Graduate/Post-Graduate) for more information, and to start the Gateway to State online application process via USAJobs.

Please note that the deadline to submit completed applications is March 01, 2011.

You must be a U.S. Citizen and a student (a full- or part-time continuing college or university junior, or graduate student - including graduating seniors intending to go on to graduate school) to be eligible. Please read the program description and vacancy announcement for more information and all qualification requirements.


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#39 Announces Scholarship for Spring 2012

$1,250.00 Cash Scholarship
NOTICE: NO APPLICATION FEE REQUIRED. Submission dates have changed and an important change has been made to this scholarship in order to make it simpler and easier to apply for. You no longer have to answer a question so just read and follow instructions to be considered. is proud to announce up to FOUR 1,250.00 Cash Scholarships for Spring 2012.
ANY student (future or current) that has been accepted or attends a community college, technical/trade college, or university may apply. Also, up to the first 15 applicants of each deadline month (see below) will receive one free product of their choice from the DegreedUP store shipped via regular mail.

Contact your school’s scholarship office and request an application or apply online at You may download the scholarship application there as well.

POSTMARKED DEADLINES: Jan. 27th, 2012, Feb. 27th, 2012, March 27th,
2012, April 27th, 2012, May 27th, 2012, June 27th, 2012 and July 27th,
2012. x12-DUEP777438CSH
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