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Got all this job infos fowarded in the office!!
If you know anyone that is NEED of a JOB and has any of these qualifications - pas on the message!!


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Madam NTB. I thought this was about getting a job for Naija. Wetin concern New Jersey for this?
Should I yab you :laugh: I will be nice even though you make it so easy to yab you. This thread is for employment for all parts of the world since we are spread out.


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Google needs you in Africa

Google continues to grow Sub Saharan Africa teams. Need experience in local African & international markets plus academic achievement. To explore further, please email resume to nabilk@google.com

Google Sub Saharan Africa Open Positions:

- Account Manager - Johannesburg

- Account Strategist - Johannesburg

- Agency Relationship Manager - Johannesburg

- Business Development Manager, Francophone Africa - Senegal

- Business Development Manager - Nairobi

- Business Development Manager, Southern Africa - Johannesburg

- Business Program Manager, Government and Education Sector, East Africa - Kampala

- Business Program Manager, Government and Education Sector, West Africa - Accra

- Communications Manager, East Africa - Nairobi

- Communications Manager, West Africa - Accra or Lagos

- Country Marketing Manager, Nigeria - Lagos

- Developer Advocate - Johannesburg, Nairobi, Accra or Lagos

- Developer Relations Program Manager, West Africa - Ghana or Nigeria

- Enterprise Account Manager - South Africa

- Industry Analyst - Johannesburg

- Industry Manager - Johannesburg

- Legal Counsel, Sub-Saharan Africa - Nairobi, Lagos or Johannesburg

- Office Lead - Nairobi

- Outreach Program Manager - Johannesburg, Dakar, Nairobi, Accra or Lagos

- Policy Manager - Johannesburg

- Policy Manager - Senegal

- Product Marketing Manager (Consumer), Kenya - Nairobi

- Product Marketing Manager (SMB Focus), Nigeria - Lagos

- Sales Engineer - Nairobi, Accra, Lagos or Johannesburg

- Technical Account Manager - Nairobi, Accra or Lagos

- Technical Program Manager, Infrastructure - Nairobi

- Technical Program Manager, Infrastructure - Senegal

- University Program Specialist - Senegal
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