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Epassport Exercise - Houston Tx 4/3 - 4/6

Discussion in 'Announcements, Introductions, Guidelines' started by NTB, Mar 23, 2014.

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  1. NTB

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    Oct 24, 2003
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    Will Provide
    (Only for New Standard e-Passport)
    APRIL 3, 4, 5, 6
    (By Appointment Only)

    Complete your document then call or email for appointment:


    Take the following steps for “REQUIREMENTS FOR NIGERIAN E-PASSPORT”:
    1. Online APPLICATION FORM athttp://www.immigration.gov.ng/ (Bring the print out).
    2. Online PAYMENT SLIP (Bring the print out).
    3. Online ACKNOWLEDGMENT SLIP (Bring the print out).
    4. One passport photo.
    5. Old Nigerian passport (the last passport issued).
    6. Copy of data page of last passport issued.
    7. For MINORS who are applying for the first time (In addition to 1- 4 above):
    • Duly signed and dated letter of consent from both parents.
    • Data pages of both parents.
    • Copy of birth certificate.
    NOTE: Minors who have obtained Nigerian passport in the past need only to comply with 1-6 above.

    8. ALL applicants acquiring Nigerian Passport for the first time (In addition to 1-4 above):
    i.Copy of birth certificate.
    ii.Copy of data page of the Nigerian Passport of either of their parents or grandparents.
    9. Self-addressed prepaid envelope (with tracking number) to mail back passport to owner.
    10. $60 processing fee, payable in money order to “Consulate General of Nigeria, Atlanta” and a separate $40 service fee, payable in money order to “The Nigerian Foundation
    11. $370 penalty fee and police report for lost passport cases.

    NOTE: Passport re-issue cases will not be treated in this intervention exercise.

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