Face-to-face with stars on St. Lauren Nollywood Buzz

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NIGERIAN movie industry, widely known as Nollywood, has experienced an exponential growth over time. This growth, however, can be attributed to the dedication of its practitioners, who have striven hard to attain relevance in spite of mounting obstacles.

Consequently, corporate organizations identifying with this thriving industry have also risen to the occasion, saddling themselves with the responsibility of promoting the industry and its practitioners, with a view to ensuring its development and leveraging on its popularity to reach their customers.

An interesting programme, which reflects this unique virtue is St. Lauren Nollywood Buzz, which recently made its debut on the airwaves. A 30-minute radio package aired weekly on different stations across the country, the show is designed to promote distinguished practitioners in the industry with a view to giving listening audience quality time.

Anchored by highly innovative on-air personality, Bukky Babalola and sponsored by Grand Oak Limited, Lagos, the package is named after one of the sponsor’s products, St. Lauren: a non-alcoholic fruit drink.

Interestingly, within a short time of commencement, the programme has made tremendous impact on the Nigerian audience with the calibre of artistes being showcased on it. The programme has featured interviews with the best of Nollywood, including wave-making actor, Joseph Benjamin; award-winning actress, Bimbo Akintola; acclaimed movie director, Teco Benson, among others.

These top-notch personalities have, at different times, given the audience a rare peep into their personal lives, while postulating theories on how to take the industry to the next level in terms of relevance and attainment of improved production techniques.

Of noteworthy is the confidence exuded by Babalola during presentation. With very eloquent delivery, Babalola examines these artistes’ careers and highlights their achievements in a highly captivating way. She brings her unique style of presentation and vast experience to bear as she anchors the interview session to the delight of the listening public.

In one of the interview sessions, Bimbo Akintola, who has been in the industry for decades, talked explicitly about how she started her career and an insight into what makes her tick. In yet another session, Joseph Benjamin, whose career has been on the rise in recent times, revealed the principles that guide his life and serves as bedrock of his success.

In another fascinating encounter, Teco Benson analysed the qualities of being a good director and acknowledged the fact that the road to success is rough.

Babalola is obviously a good choice for this programme as the artistes let down their guard while in her company; throwing banters and coming across as being extremely at ease, as she takes them through the programme and encourages them to dig deep on current social issues in the country.

The interesting encounters prove to be enthralling as the artistes re-live their best moments career-wise, and giving passionate narrative of their most challenging moments in life and letting the audience into their future plans.

Mr. Jide Akinsomiro, the Group Head of First Marketing Services Limited, Lagos, (the marketing consultants to Grand Oak Limited), reiterates the objective of the radio show to include “inform, educate and entertain the audience, by engaging wave-making Nollywood artistes in very interesting topical discussions”, while celebrating their life experiences.

Face-to-face with stars on St. Lauren Nollywood Buzz
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