Fear Grips Obasanjo

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Eson 'N' Uselu.
Which former Governors?
I know the source of your sudden fear but Muazu did well in Bauchi and is within the very few Nigerians alive that would not rig his state for his party and even organised the election in his state freely to the extent that he lost the senatorial seat.Who else is that sincere?
Donald Duke also did well and would definitely do good in the Tourism ministry when we consider how he turned Cross Rivers into a status "A"state.
Aliero did well in Kebbi.I worked in that state and can tell you that he transformed the state with amazing infrastructures.Check
They did not rig the election is not a criteria to hold any office in Nigeria, we are tired please let the man do with fresh blood, anyway all i am saying is he should look before he leaps, for the betterment of the poor Nigerians.


I no get ya time!!
Kingibe's appointment is the beginning of another era of recycling members of the "old order," whose activities in the past brought the nation to its sorry pass.Bringing Kingibe back into government is a graphic illustration of the beginning of the recycling of the old political irritants to commence setting new agenda for the under-development of Nigerians, again an antithetical move to rubbish the so-called reforms of Obasanjo's administration in the negative, The President should be wary of names being suggested to him so as not to fall victim to formidable cabal of old with fraudulent pasts."It is a wrong political decision on the part of the Federal Government to bring Kingibe back from the oblivion, which his disloyalty and non-commitment to leadership has shown as exemplified by his attitude to the presumed winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, Chief Moshood Abiola, when he jumped and joined the junta's. one thing is clear Kingibe is in this for the money, anyway lets wait for the other appointments, and and access how good Yaádua is prepared to lead Nigeria.

Nah today? Expect more of the old order in this new govt my broda......he has to appease the oligarchy that backs him, so nah so e go be.

I don tok am before democracy is microwaveable in Nigeria!smokin:


I no get ya time!!
My brother, wetin you dey think o,
My sister, helep don come
SDP, MKO, Kingibe, Progress!
Abiola be the man o, SDP na the party
To solve our problem for a better tomorrow....

Sorry, couldn't help myself.
LOL! sweat: sweat:

I've remembered Kingibe's ad when he was campaigning for flagbearship in Jos

Kingibe is exactly the kind of people we dont need in governance right now, they hid him away in the US only to spring him now, thinking that we have forgotten his betrayal of MKO. The wound is too fresh and the first mistake of Yaradua. When will we be rid of this marrionettes whose strings are being pulled by faceless godfathers. it reminds of the saying that if i owned Nigeria and hell, i will rent Nigeria and live in hell
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