Five Most Rewatchable Nollywood Films

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Civil War (funny as heck, & well acted)
Not With My Daughter (very moving and great background)
Games Women Play (top female cast)
Behind Closed Doors (excellent theme and situation, unfortunately I wish it had a tighter ending, but still a good rewatch)

Now the 5th most rewatchable movies are a tie, since I still haven't rewatched them:

Breaking of Sister Margaret
Alice The First Lady
Divine Twins
Games Men Play (mainly because it was a star cast and had a nice Buppy feel to it---like the American move The Best Man)
1.Keeping Faith
2.Critical Decission
3.Private Sin
4.Church Business
5.The Bride's Maid
6.The Engagement Night
7.When God Says Yes
8.The Wrong Woman
9.World's Apart
10.Games Women Play
Oops! Are those 10..err...5 yet? trust me I intended to give only 5 but some where along the way I fell asleep.


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I agreed with you kemibaby I loved speak the word it was great and emotional.

Check out my review on speak the word. It a must watch I highly recommend it
My top fives are: Through The Fire (It was just an amazing story), All My Life( The story as well as the Cast did a great job), Widow (well done and no one could have done a nicer job than Stella), Wind Of Glory( Better executed than Darkness of Sorrow)and Last certainly not least Annabel(just seeing Patience playing a different role than her usually bad mother in law routine).
1. He lives in me (Genny and Muna have unique chemistry)
2. Keeping faith
3. Osuofia In London (I can't forget the bit where he was slapped by a white lady sitting on the steps after he touched her legs)
4. Alice my first lady (Very loud lady)
5. Mr. Ibu (I loved the part where he wore wet trousers coz of the wash and wear notion)
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